The Lost Feelings: We’re Separated, Missing Our Closeness!

Klimt often used decorative patterns in his paintings. Die Umarmung (“The Embrace”) – detail from the Palais Stoclet in Brussels.

I saved this painting by Klimt from my previous post. It says a lot about what we’re really missing these days.

Please don’t be upset if I get back on this, somehow unpleasant, subject. I know that quite a few of my friends don’t even like to think about it. But I believe it is an essential factor in our current time and to handle it is unavoidable.

I don’t really know how to begin to talk about my thoughts all about this issue. Why should I have doubt? What is happening to us? We are becoming more and more alienated.

Lately, I have to work more often as a retired for earn money because the expense of living is going up, and my pension isn’t enough. I think it’s general affected! Of course, this is not a surprise. What I want to say is the behaviour and reflection of the people in these days.

The elders are cool! They don’t worry about what the news from the government is clamour every day about the measures. When I want to pick up the passengers, I tell them that they have a free choice to take front-seat or backseat. The older ones take the front seat gladly. They mean that in front-seat it is more space. Of course, until recently, the young people also Have had no problem sitting in the front seat.

But last time, I had a guest, a young woman in my taxi from a hospital, who sat in the backseat and wanted to the city. She wore such a thick (FFC) mask, and in the whole trip (about ten minutes), she coughed! Every few seconds: oh, oh, oh! I didn’t say anything until we reached the point where she wanted to get off. When she wanted to pay me, I turned to her and saw her young beautiful face behind this huge mask. At this moment, I couldn’t stop my feeling of compassion and said: when you go out, please take off this horrible mask, you can take a breath in the fresh air then.

Her answer was quick: I don’t do that! I am a nurse, and I believe in this virus!! I was not just surprised but even shocked. It sounded to me like we’re talking about the existence of God, And I expect a nun to gainsay her beliefs. I mentioned that I heard her coughing all the time, and I just wanted her well being. But she didn’t need my advice, she said and repeated: she’s a nurse and believe in it.

I am sad and terrified. It seems that we’re diverging tremendously. What a pity! I wish we’d remember our trust and need for each other. I do hug every loving buddy of my own. There are no inhibitions for me. I hope you’ll do it as well.

Here is a research about how important is Hugging. I give a big HUG to you all until the good days come back again! 🤗🤗💖

RESEARCH: The importance of embracing in the digital age

By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife with thanks 🙏💖

Work of modern art exhibition in Thessaloniki June 2017

In a world where hugs are shrinking, scientists point to the benefits of touching the body and soul MARIANINA PATSA

Non-touch epidemic. The hugs we give are diminishing as we communicate more and more through the internet. Adults in big cities limit the time they spend with their loved ones. The seniors of the metropolises spend a partial 5 days a week without seeing or touching the “soul” that the speech says. But being hugged is essential for our quality of life, mental and physical health.

A hug protects, says a similar study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and confirms the fact that the more we hug, the less likely we are to get sick. “Touch increases the number of cells in the first line of the immune system. Serotonin (ie the body’s natural – antidepressant hormone) is also increased. So those who receive more hugs are more protected from inflammation and infections that threaten the health of our bodies.

Tiffany Field, the founder of the Touch Research Institute at Miami Medical School, is studying neglected touch and its effects on health. “We know from science what happens under the skin when pressure receptors are stimulated. “Heart rate slows down, blood pressure drops and stress hormone decreases, cortisol, ” he told the Guardian.

But the benefits do not end there as ” another person’s touch soothes the effects of social exclusion,” according to new UCL research. “We have shown for the first time that a gentle touch from a stranger can reduce feelings of social exclusion following a social rejection,” said study lead author Mariana von Mohr (UCL Clinical, Education & Health Psychology). The discovery follows recent findings that emotional social contact can be encoded by a special physiological system that connects the skin to the brain. Only three other studies have directly examined the effects of touch encouragement on social interactions.

But not all touches are the same: Researchers have found that those who received a faster and more “neutral” touch had reduced feelings of social exclusion compared with those who received a hug or a touch that was the result of real emotion. Of course, neither of them managed to completely eliminate the negative consequences of social exclusion, but one has to start somewhere.


17 thoughts on “The Lost Feelings: We’re Separated, Missing Our Closeness!

  1. My friend, this is a wonderful post. It says everything to me about this present situation. In it I have been so glad that my immediate family and most of my few friends sing from the same sheet. And you know when we have gone out we have found good places to go and great folks there.

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  2. Thank you so much Aladin for sharing your hugs and heart! Yes, those loving hugs are so important. I remember last year on my daughter’s birthday I went to hug her and she stepped back and asked, “Should we?!” “Yes!” I replied and hugged her tighter and for longer because no government can tell me who I can or cannot hug. Naturally, I don’t hug strangers, anymore.

    And yesterday, a dear, close friend visited and there was lots of hugging going on between us, in fact, it felt so good to hug her and get hugged back in return. It’s a natural show of affection between two or more people. I appreciate that you give people the choice of here to sit in the taxi, front or back. You let them make up their own minds. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Ohhh! I am so happy that you hugged your daughter. You know, her question: should we? It shows that the atmosphere influenced her, and you broke this shadow, which covered her lovely soul. And happier about your enjoying hugs with your friends. Thank you, my dear angel. I will hug you forever (when I meet you once upon a time)! Be aware. 😉🤗😘😘

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  3. These are Hard times, my friend. And unbelievable that the virus has become like God. “I believe in the virus!” She said😣 And the people who “don’t” are going to be burned at the stake🔥 People are beautiful. But I’m times of stress and scarcity, appear cold and even monstrous. And the cost of living is going up and it’s not fair. The big powers are as powerful as they ever have been. And the social climate is making people act scared. It’s very sad. And I sympathize with you.

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  4. I miss physical closeness with other people..
    Once I used to exchange hugs but everything has changed since the pandemic broke out. I hope I will still be able to do that with joy when we get out of it. For now I just give a pat on the head of my son, who unfortunately is not very expansive, So I caress my dog Sissi and a red cat who has been visiting my garden for some time He calls my attention with a meow and repays my caresses with his wonderful purring

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  5. elainemansfield

    Great articles! I hug my sons and close friends, but the hugs are longer if people are vaccinated. This preference should not bring aggression or hostility, but it does. I pray the animosity will soften. I’m grateful for constant snuggling with my dog. Not a human, but warm and affectionate.

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  6. elainemansfield

    I should add that both my sons are vaccinated and have boosters, so I feel completely relaxed with them. I won’t concern myself with my dogs who don’t have a big social life outside of home. We are all doing the best we can in a struggling world.

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