Fifty + Years Loneliness X


The Golden-Times within The Golden-Age of Hollywood.

Mother, oh mother! She was a hungry person for books and the movies. As I mentioned here and there in my memories, she was a dreamer, full of feelings, emotions, touch and delicateness. Al and I have taken all her loving things in us. She has taught us how to love and live in a book or a movie. She’d always known which movie was currently on screen, but after our father died, she couldn’t go alone to the cinemas. Back then, anyway, and still now, in Iran, women couldn’t go to the cinema alone. Therefore, she was sad to miss them, although she was lucky sometimes to have us as her companion.

Our father, at the beginning of our educations, sent us to a private school. He became very famous those days and wanted that his sons to benefit from it. It wasn’t that special, though, as I can remember. But we were two special students there, for sure!

Every early in the morning, a bus came to pick us up to bring to the school. We both were not such “running for the school” boys. Of course, later I began to like it, but Al never. Once, after Father’ death, I remember we went up the street to catch the bus, and it had a delay. Al was happy and suggested going back home. Then hurry! I gave it back to him because when we’d walked back, I saw the bus’s come around.

Anyway, Mum was at home. We told her that the bus hadn’t come and to our surprise not only did she not get angry, she asked us if we wanted to go to the cinema with her! And the movie was the famous “The Sound of Music”, and I fell in love with Brigitta von Trapp(Angela Cartwright)!

And here is the song for the freedom lovers.

Another one was the famous Dr Dolittle, which we have a companion of the whole family; uncles and aunts, cousins and cousins. An amusing musical.

These films, which we watched together, all have an extra length. This one, of course, was special: We three, Mum, Al and me, were invited, as a family of a famous writer (my father), to a premiere screening of this admirable musical: My Fair Lady. There was even in so-called “Interact” (in such extra-long movies, there was a pause about ten to fifteen minutes), some champagne! Of course, Al and I got some juice…

Oh Eliza, Oh Eliza! Of course, we are Men, but nothing without you…

Of course, we have kept watching movies and dreaming along, as Mum would do, after her leaving. I have still many video cassettes from all these times, in which Al and I recorded them. Honestly, when I watch them, I live in them, as I have learned from Mum; Live on and let the music play.

Right now, I have to be prepared to go to a disco, after an age! Once, when I came to Germany, I became a dancer as I let my energy free to run. Therefore I’ve become a famous dancer in all discos in this area! But am I, after so many times? What? You say I can? OK, you mean well. I can hear you! But I got old, and unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Have a lovely weekend, dear friends.

19 thoughts on “Fifty + Years Loneliness X

  1. elainemansfield

    I’m not surprised you were/are a dancer. I imagine a passionate dancer. Vic and I loved dancing, too. I love that your mom could go to the cinema with her sons. Your father’s death was deeply painful for all of you, but there was a little relief and pleasure at the movies or on the dance floor.

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  2. What a wonderful story! That you went to the cinema with Al and your mother instead of going to school. In many ways, a far better education. How magical and transforming the cinema was to me as a child. Have you seen the 1988 Italian film “Cinema Paradiso” it’s one of my all time favourite films! If not, I think you’d love it! Thank you for sharing more of your stories Aladin, I love to read them. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Of course, my dear angel. I have watched Cinema Paradiso several times 😊 a great movie. And yes, sometimes going to the movies is better education than going to (some) schools 😉😄 thank you, my lovely friend 🙏❤

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  3. I really enjoyed these heartwarming stories, Aladin. Especially about your mother allowing you to stay out of school one day and taking you to the movies. It brought back some wonderful memories. I used to surprise my children by taking them out of school one day a year to have lunch and then go horseback riding. They each had their own special Mama day. And you’re a notoriously good dancer! No surprise there! When my children were little I used to put a favorite record album on the record player (I had the sound track for The Sound of Music; there was no internet or streaming then), hold them in my arms, and sing and dance with them around the kitchen floor. (Smooth floors with no carpet to trip on!) Thanks for the memories 🙂

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  4. Oh, and my mother read all the Dr. Dolittle books to me! Amazing how many things we have in common even though we come from different cultures and live on different continents! Just goes to show that music, singing, dancing, and stories are archetypal!

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