Wild Strawberries


I see what you don’t see! Do you know this game? It is not so important if you know this play. What I meant with this sentence is what an artist does see and the others not! In this way, I would describe an artist. I don’t want to put myself in this category because I think I still have some to do to achieve that class. But, as I have grown up in a family of artists and lived a long time with an ingrained one (my brother Al), I can understand them well.

In the novel Zorba the Greek, by Nikos Kazantzakis, Zorba asked his writer friend, Basil, “why it happens such brutal and tragic events in our life? You are an intellectual writer, how can you explain it?” Basil answered; We can’t explain why. We only try to reduce the pain by writing thereabout.

An artist, like a writer, or filmmaker or a painter, has an intensive view on events which, many others never notice. That makes the difference. I think that we are all artists, we just have to open our eyes, the eyes in our soul, to understand our environments.

Here, I want to introduce a movie; Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman. He is one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of the movie, and he is also a psychologist as his works all are talking about unknown inside the unconsciousness; the dark side.

Bergman, in this movie, has all the best players by his side; even his teacher Victor Sjöström in the main role. And also Max von Sydow as a gas station attendant in only a few minutes.

The movie begins with a dream, a dream by Isak Borg, a widowed 78-year-old, physician Professor who, specialized in bacteriology. He is stubborn and egotistical and also in his latest years. This scene is in a class of its own;

The movies of Bergman might look inconvenience somehow, or teasing the soul (as I read in some comments here and there), but I think that they are awakening. Digging soul!

When I came to Germany, I tried to share my thoughts and opinion on life with my new friends, and I invited them to watch the movies which I liked, they all were surprised. They said: Oh! that’s how you see life!

Anyhow, what I found in this movie; was what shaped my life. Though, you can not determine the path of your life but, you can learn a lot in every curve, something new, something different. And sometimes, be damned to loneliness.

There does not exist; neither wrong nor right. We act according to our needs.

Ingmar Bergman is one of the fewest Regisseurs (Réalisateur) who changed my way of life. I will with about him more.

10 thoughts on “Wild Strawberries

  1. Elaine Mansfield

    I haven’t seen this movie for many years, but I saw it at least a few times and loved it–and I love Ingmar Bergman. He suits my slightly depressive temperament. And, yes, sometimes we are damned to loneliness. Thanks for sharing this. Aladin.

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