A Sunday walk along the brook Menkhauser Bach

Menkhauser Bach am Teutoburger Wald
Menkhauser Bach in the Teutoburg Forest

Oh yes! Unbelievable but true: I gave my wife my consent to take a long walk with her! Of course, it was a pleasant walk, although it was cold and wet. I have done it often (a couple of times) despite I admit I’m a little lazy 😉 but, when it comes, I am ready.

That was about three hours walk (ca. 7 Km), of course with many view-pausing included.

Actually, I am not so amused about the town, where I’m living. It is a village which should stay that way, though it always likes to be accepted as a town but, It is a village, and it will remain in the future. That is the worse side, but the better side; is the forest called Teutoburger Wald, which has spread itself on a wide hill, in an area of ca. 4000 square meters (c. 4,000 km² almost all of it included officially in one of two natural parks:
1,220 km²), from the middle towards Northern Germany. That is a good chance for us to catch up this natural park in a few minutes to feel healthier more than ever.

And Regina, my adorable lady, who can’t do anything without having been outside for a walk every day, knew this path very well, which goes along a slim clean flow, a brook, named Menkhauser Bach. It was a very enjoyable, especially, when in a moment of silence, we’d only hear birds and running water.

And the trees…

We observed the roots of old trees that peeked out of the ground like snakes.

Nature is fascinating, and if we only understand that we are a part of it, we will appreciate it and can enjoy our life.

As I wanted to write about our excursion, coincidentally I saw this post by my Greek friend. I thought that how fit is this with my story, and with so many good tips. Stay safe, healthy and tuned, and try to go out for a walk now and then. 🤗💖

The country that prescribes walks instead of drugs

photo by EvAr

By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife with thanks 🙏

In Scotland, instead of drugs, they prescribe activities in nature ATHENS LEVENTI

There is a kind of “medicine” without side effects and costs: the walk in nature. And now doctors in Scotland have the right to prescribe it to their patients with the aim not only of improving physical health and reducing mental illness, stress and anxiety.

In the modern world we usually do not pay much attention, but the time we spend in nature is crucial for our well-being, as research like this points out . 

If we spend 90 minutes of our day in nature, the activity in the area of ​​the brain associated with depression is limited. At the same time, aggression is reduced, pain control is improved and the immune system is strengthened.

There is a whole booklet of “natural” prescriptions that accompanies the program, full of suggestions. Among other things, the program proposes to make works of art on the beaches from natural materials, to plant bulbs or to do bird watching. They even suggest different activities per month: For example, in October, we can appreciate a cloud or talk to a horse. In November, feed the birds in the garden. And as for May, then we can throw our face in the grass. And all this, with a doctor’s prescription. We can find all the suggestions here .

While “nature recipes” are currently only available in Scotland, no one is stopping us from prescribing a little nature to ourselves.

source: https://www.doctv.gr / + https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5744722/

16 thoughts on “A Sunday walk along the brook Menkhauser Bach

  1. What a wonderful, uplifting post Aladin! Thank you so much for sharing your lovely woodland photos, especially the ones where the ancient roots look like two copulating snakes. No wonder you and Regina are very happy to live beside the forest, which symbolically represents the Great Mother Herself! I imagine you knew this and it goes a long way for me in explaining your huge devotion, reverence and awe of the Divine Feminine. Wow! Yes, Scotland is a truly magickal land, I love it there too! Have a wonderful weekend, love and light, Deborah.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Elaine Mansfield

    So fine. Your anima Regina takes you on a healing path. I’m glad. I go to the fields and forest twice a day with my dogs. It’s a good place to feel grounded and also to think about writing and to breathe. I often resist, but always feel energized and more positive when I go, even if the weather is terrible. When Vic died, I walked 3 times a day with my dog. Often wandering but always stopping at the place where Vic’s ashes were buried. My grieving/healing pilgrimage.

    The trees and roots are exquisite. In not too long, the woods will have a spring bird symphony.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The woods will have a spring bird symphony; Beautiful! I am lucky to have an Anima to guide me. And it is a positive point to have a dog: you must go out!
      I was “alone” in the cemetery yesterday to visit the grave, where Al’s ashes buried. I have a feeling of relieved when I walk in a graveyard.

      Liked by 1 person

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