Happy Birthday dear Al.

Happy Birthday my soul 💖
The photographer had to snap his fingers to get his notice.

The birthday is always an especial day. though I know and you, who read my posts know too, that in almost every article I wrote, my brother Al accompanied me and his presence has been evident and always helpful. But the day of birth is worthy because we can be thankful for having our beloved ones into this world and by our side. I believe that it’ll ever be.

He is always in my every-day life and almost permanently with me in my posts. I can never take a step without him. But, his anniversary is for me a special day, and this time he’d be 68 years old. This number is an important number for us (the peoples from that period): a number for the beginning of an era: peace, freedom, and love. A movement that looking forward to such events like Woodstock with Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Crosby/Still/ Nash and Young… The flowers generation.

And in this case, my lovely brother has an unaging birthday. Because this era is an endless time: love and peace forever. He will never get older, isn’t it fantastic?

Al, Mum and me; We had blond hair at that age which was somehow strange.

Another point is that his birthday is after the day in which John Lennon has been shot dead. It’s for me a mixture of sadness and happiness and I must combine both. This is, as we might call, the game of fate.

Though, when I look through the past, there are a lot of similarities between Al and John. They were both in love with their mothers, had an unusual and unique way of life, and solitary. Therefore, I share this unique song by John again, not only because of that was one of Al’s beloved songs, but also because of its other title: Nothing Gonna Change my World. They both were convinced of this.

As you notice, I was often posting these latest days. Yes; there were many themes which have laid in my heart. Thank you for your commiseration. 🙏💖🙏

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday dear Al.

  1. Ah, now your reaction to yesterday’s “Why….?!” post becomes clearer as the transcript I included may also be relevant to Al, also the poet, also the visionary … no wonder my words left you speechless.

    Having read Al’s book I can see that they shared a similar soul. I hope today finds you well and may Al’s spirit lift up from beyond and kiss you.

    How beautiful your mother was, such lovely family photos. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. Lieber Aladin man spürt in jedem Wort , wie sehr du deinem Bruder noch verbunden bist . Das ist Dankbarkeit , das er in deinem Leben dich ein Stück begleitet hat . Und wir wissen nicht , was es zwischen Himmel und Erde noch gibt , jedoch seit ihr 2 auf ewig verbunden 😊
    Liebe Grüße Mona

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  3. Elaine Mansfield

    Blessings to you, Aladin. My beloved brother and only sibling died in April 2016, and I’ll never be over it. He was 4 years older and brought home Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Motown and Little Richard, when I was a kid. We learned to dance with each other. When my dad died, he supported me in a way no one else did–until I met Vic. After Vic died, Jim called every Sunday. I miss those calls so much. I wept on the phone with constant apologies and he always reassured me that it was the most natural thing for me to cry about Vic’s death. I was glad I could help Jim through his illness and death and he is always with me. Still, like you with your brother Al, we miss their bodies, their voices, their loving gaze, their patient and impatient disapproval, and their loyalty even when we didn’t deserve it. Sending love to you with gratitude that you shared this love with Al.

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    • I thank You dearest Elaine for your short but kind narrative of your memory, and so sorry for your two losses. I can understand fully how hard it was for you. it’s really pity that we have not their voices and can’t share our pain with them anymore, there are just the memories. the distance between Al and I were only 20 months, therefore, what your brother did to you we had from my brother in law who is eleven years older than me and now is at his daughter in Canada. he had brought us a lot of music from 50s and 60s. anyway, it’s life and we must go with it. take care my lovely sister and thanks again ❤ 💕

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