Fifty + Years Lonlelyness (2)

The melancholy man and the goat!

Hi my dear friends, I must first apologize for my failures in the last post as I have mentioned it in the night in the bed!! Anyway, I have a seriously this time as I have to work and to ordinate my household; my wife is a woman of the world. Just let’s begin.

As I mentioned in the first part, it’s not easy to be born and grown-up by sensible parents; a writer as a father with a lot of wishes and dreams and a bookworm as a mother who her biggest wish was to be left alone in a room fulfil with books and glass water and a loaf of bread would be enough for her!

Mother in everlasting posision; Dreaming

Here man can say; God saves the soul! and yes; my childhood was based on a lot of trauma. especially, after father died it became much harder but first the very beginning;

It is of course not so much to explain; I have written there about in my some memories; a time of love, a time of happiness, a time, of also, strike, strife, discord and again love and forgiveness.

You might read my post http://A CHARACTERISTIC LOVE STORY There I have told the crazy beginning of the foundation this family and the result can be mostly a chaotic high-spiritually tensions in the area, of life, of our life.

Let’s now begin after the father’s death, because I can remember better. I don’t know why; maybe because I had to work a much on this; My father had died in the night after we have come back from a wedding ceremony at very late night and we both “Al and I” got nothing about what happened. In the morning, mother told us he has travelled (He did travel often, but surely not after a party in which he was almost drunk!) for me this wrong announcement was acceptable, but for Al, it wasn’t enough. He was a thinker even with 9 at age ( I was 7 when father left this Earth.) but of course, we both have taken it as a fact and according to the mother’s order and went to the uncle’s house with pool a great garden and so on and on. It was an offer which can no child refuse.

Those days were the those days, I’d bet! 😉

The main tension began after this time, because, Al was almost sure there ‘s something wrong with this and me, the bloody child, I might have mention something but surely wanted rather ignore it! Therefore, it began a funny, might better to say a tragical play between us three: Mother, Al and Me, and it was and still remains a trauma which I will try to tell you next. Thank You All who read this and forgive me for my failure. take care and be safe. 🙏💖🙏

11 thoughts on “Fifty + Years Lonlelyness (2)

  1. Oh, the photo of your mother lying in the grass is beautiful! Thank you for sharing more of your childhood adventures with us. How heartbreaking to be told that your father had gone travelling the night after he died. I’m sure your mother had her reasons back then. Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • Thank you dear Crystal 🙏❤ I think that there are some tragic played in many people’s life but I want to and will try to explain how strange our childhood was and how strangely it follows 😊 I hope I have the time and the craft to do that ☺ thank you again for your interest and inspiration 🙏❤❤🤗

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    • Thank You, dear Luciana, oh yes it is though, I know there are many people who might have even much more sadness in their life to tell but I think that if we all try to confront to our deeper sores we can learn a lot of our inner being 😊. Take care and stay safe dearest 🙏💖

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      • You are so right, Aladin. Confronting our inner demons and fears are the hardest lessons to learn and be honest with. I hope you are keeping safe amidst this surreal situation we are in. Take care xx

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