The Frontiers Are My Prison


Hi, Friends. I’m just full in my mind these days; There are many things in front of me, or better to say; I have a lot of plan to do!

At first, the gum has been survived and the surgery had been succeeding. But the soul has an injury which is more important and pains more than the buddy’s pain;

My main plan is to fly to the USA to meet my brother in law and his all daughters+son for maybe the last time in my life, because, my brother; Soroosh, is some older than me and it is our last chance to see each other.

Therefore, I thought it is possible;

I had to do this since many years ago but because of my full-hours work, I couldn’t plan a long trip, but now, as I am going to be retired in this year, I have thought to make it now, or never.

But as I tried to get the visa for the Us, I feel like I’m locked out from the normal visitors; as my wife got her visa already through ESTA. and I’m not authorized in this way.

It might sound not so terrifying but for me it is because, we; my wife and me, have sent our applications in the same manner at the same time, the only difference in between, it was the born country, my wife; Germany and mine, Iran.

Anyhow, I will try to make an appointment to the embassy in Berlin and try to do my best. My love for America stays tuned, only I must ponder what happened to this root of freedom.

You might remember how it was once in those days, good days 😊🙏💖😊

Freedom… Freedom… Freedom… Freedom Sometimes, I feel, like I’m almost gone. Sometimes I feel, like I’m almost gone.

12 thoughts on “The Frontiers Are My Prison

  1. Hi Aladin, I’m very pleased to read that your brave dentist journey continues, as painful and distressing as it must be. I sincerely hope in time, that the outcome will be a good one.

    After reading weeks ago about how you patiently waited to flee Iran, I really hope you get your travel visa in time to see your family members soon. Yes indeed, go to the embassy!

    Whatever you’re both doing this weekend I hope you have a great one! Thank you so much my dear friend for your lovely comment on my new poem. Warm winter blessings, Deborah.

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  2. Sigh… All I can say is that I’m sorry. I’m sorry you face these obstacles. I’m sorry for myself for what has been allowed to happen to my country. I’m sorry for what it does to us here. I’m sorry for what it does to the world. It’s such a sad thing to watch happen. Hugs.

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