How worthy is Life?


It is really an interesting question; I think that the answer is somehow relative! I said this because I have tasted the two different world to praise one’s life and it is different. The picture above is the girl or woman, who burned herself before the “Judge” because she disguised herself as masculine to get into the football stadium as in Iran the women are not allowed to watch the half-naked men!! It might be a laughingly easy joke for the world, but actually, I asked myself after shockingly read this news, how much worth is one’s life;

This question once become in my head when I left Iran, a so-called third world country, in Germany. There I’d see how life could be worthy.

In Iran we have taken it much easier when someone died, it sounded so naturally, but here in Germany, I mentioned that it isn’t!

Here, as C.G.Jung says; It is the point; We are all individual in a self-living insistence: Cogito, ergo sum as René Descartes had said;

This is an idea of thought, which isn’t current in the “Third words” The mass of people is the main thing and not their individuality.

Anyway, my wonder has begun with the self-burning of a Tunisian at the beginning of the “so-called Arabic Spring”! But that was; in my opinion, a radio in an almost hot situation which had brought almost nothing in the end.

at the end; long talk short sense; I think the life every individual is worthy, but unfortunately this girl’s life has been lost into an unworthiness. I hope her soul will be blessed by all goodness.


14 thoughts on “How worthy is Life?


    This is a sad post and enlightening too. I do pray the word changes in our lifetime. It seems so many countries are struggling for change in some areas. Enjoy the day, dearest, and thanks for sharing. ❤

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  2. This is so unbelievably sad and it reminds me of the monks in Myanmar who were setting themselves on fire in protest of Chinese occupation some years back. There is so much anger and imbalance in the world that I wonder what a just a verdant world would actually look like.

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