A Short Trip to Sicily… (The Second Look!)


This summer will be a full dating one with lots of birthdays and anniversaries invitations, and a big project for having a new kitchen (the old one is already 25 years old!) I am afraid!!😜 Also no time for any long travel. I must just remember that.😅

So! Let’s Torniamo ai Camarades! As I wrote in the first “Look,” the weather had nothing left to enjoy. Therefore, we got a car and kept travelling all over the island. Regina, my adorable wife, has already picked the places that could be worth seeing.

For example, the Temple of Concordia in the Valle dei Templi in Agrigento on the south coast of Sicily, and the old Greek structures.

And to reach the beautiful sights at the heights.

We drove about five hundred Km, I suppose, and of course, I took the responsibility of driving the car on such curving streets.
We rented the car for three days; on the first two days, we drove around the northern and some parts in the south, and on the last day, we went towards Etna.

However, we didn’t get there! Not because of too long distance drive, it was not allowed to get there by own car. We had to reserve places to be brought up there. Therefore, we took a shorter mountain, about 1400 metres high, and drove up and down to enjoy a bit of winter vacation 😁and to the village nearby to buy the famous Pistachio!

As I must hurry to get to a retirement anniversary of a Spanish amigo to say welcome to the club, I finish here this one. May your time be full of peace and happiness. I look for sharing another part in the next, someday. 🙏💖🌹😎

28 thoughts on “A Short Trip to Sicily… (The Second Look!)

  1. elainemansfield

    I’ve always wanted to go to Sicily and see the Greek ruins. Such beauty with blue skies and water, but if that’s a snowy video you or your wife took while driving up the mountain, I’ll stay home and look at your photos. Unfortunately, I’ll miss the pistachios. I wish you blessed journeys wherever you go.

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  2. Fantastic pics, and stories, LM!🌋🐠🌅🇮🇹Snow in Sicily?!Ah, yes the mountain cold effect… My Grandfather is Sicilian. My Dad loves Loves! Italian culture. He learned to speak Italian as a retired adult, and last summer he and my Mom traveled to Sicily for the very first time – Captured some similar photos! They met several distant relatives and spoke Italian.


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