Marion Woodman: Feminine: The Whole?


Prologue! 😁

I have found that I am the only retiree in the world who is busier than he was at work! It might sound strange but believe me, it is true. As I was working, I knew I was at a job and took my hobby for enjoyment on the weekend. But now, I have to divide myself into at least three persons; the one who is a retired grandpa has unlimited time to help family and household. The second one is still a working-class hero to refresh my miserably low passion! And the third is the famous amateur writer who tries to keep himself and the name of an esteemed family of artists. It is hard; I even have an “end of work time” every evening! Nevertheless, I prefer to keep myself engaged with stress than to be an ordinary pensioner. May force be with me!

That’s Why, for my second post, I use (steal!) one of my beloved FB posts about one of the most prized and fascinating women in the world, Marion Woodman, which I took from her book, The Pregnant Virgin.

Addiction/Recovery eBulletin

These words are simply from the section; Introduction of that book, but what makes it so appealing is this statement: The word “feminine”, as I understand it, has very little to do with gender, nor is woman the custodian of feminity. This made me think a lot about what she wanted to utter with that. And I came on the purpose of the Feminine is the leading form of our existence! If we look at the famous holy books, which all come from three prominent religions from the same area and are so familiar, at the same time full of hatred for each other: it’s said that God made the woman from the left rip of man. Doubting these words is not new, as we can almost be sure that these books have been rewritten many times in favour of men, but the subject is more profound than we might imagine. Isn’t it possible that the creation and genesis have no gender at all, and it can be summed up in one word; Feminine? I think this word does nothing to do with female or womanly; we must think more expended, more expansive: The Whole.

{And then I read Carolyne (Gold) Heilbrun’s review of Lyndall Gordon’s biography of Virginia Woolf. Heilbrun points out that Woolf was, like all women, trained to silence that “the unlovable woman was always the woman who used words to effect. She was caricatured as a tattle, a scold, a shrew, a witch.” Women felt “the pressure to relinquish language, and “nice women” were quiet. She concludes that “muted by centuries of training, women writers especially have found that when they attempted truthfully to record their own lives, language failed.” If that is true of the artist, it is no less true of any woman attempting to speak with her own voice. It is also true of the man who dares to articulate his soul process. The word “feminine”, as I understand it, has very little to do with gender, nor is woman the custodian of feminity. Both men and women are searching for their pregnant virgin. She is the part of us who is outcast, the part who comes to consciousness through going into darkness, mining our leaden darkness, until we bring her silver out.}

Marion Woodman, The Pregnant Virgin (introduction)

Marion Woodman here with an adorable friend of mine, Elaine Mansfield

In the end, I will be proudly happy about the new revolution in Iran under the motto: #Woman_Life_Freedom; there is the only way to save our future!

Art at the head of the post: by zgul-osr1113, deviantart.


16 thoughts on “Marion Woodman: Feminine: The Whole?

  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you so much Aladin for sharing and illuminating the Conscious Feminine. How can anyone resist a post dedicated to Marion Woodman? Impossible! I watched and enjoyed the video hugely. And smiled at Elaine with Marion! You certainly know how to get my attention.

    Enjoy your three roles of grandfather, worker and writer my dear friend, for each offers you treasure. Each being as valuable as each other. I feel the same with my life as a psychotherapist of twenty five years and a life-long poet. It’s taken me forever but I enjoy being both. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • To get your attention, my dear Angel, is a beautiful gift. I thank you wholeheartedly. She is an extraordinary person for all of us.
      You have done well for sure, my love and your being there for me is another treasure. I wish you and Lin and… a lovely holiday season. Greetings. πŸ€—πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ™

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  2. I’m also often more busy in early retirement than while working – nice to meet a kindred spirit!
    In fact, if we had a basic universal income, I think a lot of folk would do a lot of good with their time.

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  3. elainemansfield

    Thank you, Aladin. I was surprised to see my photo with Marion, but it’s a favorite and on my altar. It was the first time I spent a whole week with her at a workshop since earlier contacts had been just a weekend.

    Thank you for sharing Marion with everyone and thanks for sharing yourself. These are all essential roles in a life. I’m glad for your work on behalf of Jung, but also for your grandchildren who give life a sense of purpose and focus. Blessed Solstice. (The women in Iran have a courage that goes beyond my imagining.)

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    • I thank you for the appreciation, dear Elaine. I had to add this beautiful photo of you both. Your relationship is imprinted in my mind, somehow. Thank you again for your kindness. πŸ€—β€οΈ


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