Happy “Earthy” Birthday, Even Though into the Eternity.


It is not a ritual for me; as I mentioned before, his presence is perceptible daily. However, this day, his birthday, is a plea or fetch to share our common memories.

His birthday was yesterday, and I posted a few words for his celebration; nevertheless, I want to write more about him. No matter the day, there is no time and space in heaven!

I chose this picture above on purpose; our good and the careless time those days, as we were settled in Germany, in freedom, to practice our teenies ages even though we were in our thirties of life. He’d be 70 years old this time, and if his body were still in his earthly existence, we would have a big party together. And yet, I thought I celebrate his birthday in relation to Iran’s new revolution as I am sure he won’t stay calm and even might want to travel back there to participate in this fight for their right.

As you might notice, it is the so-called; The Day After! ((the 90s) Summer, sunny and warm. (And the main thing,, to turn one’s brain off!!)

That is true. We were very active those days after Khomeini’s regime came to power because we knew he was another dictator even worse than Shah, but we were few. And then, there they come, the Kurds! Yes, as all the so-called intellectuals from left and right kept shut up to the Islamic regime, the Kurdish people from Mariwan raised against it. Al and I were working with one of the most famous magazines in this short Spring of freedom after the fall of Shah’s regime. This magazine was forbidden in his regime and could begin to work again after the revolution. I was working as a report collector and photographer; Al had a page called: A line of Nostalgia!
Al has had a beautiful writing style of his own; I think that you all, as writers, know what I am talking about, a unique style of writing in which the writer can assert her/himself. Like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway etc. Al had gotten this magical style from our father. I am not talking about the excitement of the story a writer presents; I’m talking about the way of writing it; it takes you with the words on the waves of his/her thoughts’ floating and floating…

I want to share a piece of his written thoughts here; I tried translating it from Persian, hoping it achieved the goal! It fits the situation now as the new uprising in Iran began in Marivan, the Kurdish province.

When I say conspiracy, slander, false and baseless slander, everyone knows what I mean; Everyone understands that those shameless lies that we see on the walls of the city, in the alleys and streets, which show the new arrangements and new inventions of the defective and diseased reactionary and imperialist brain, are what I mean. I do not intend to defend those free and pure people who are attacked by the dirtiest and most disgusting types of conspiracies in existence. Because it is the stupidest thing in the world if I want to defend people whose clean and untainted hands have always been in front of the eyes of the informed and committed classes of our society in an obvious way. I don’t intend to stand up for defence because the vile and evil actions of those unknown people are the best reason for those who want to prove their innocence. The only thing that made me mention this issue is the similarities that we feel when we see those disclosures; for example, such lies remind me of childish tricks played on radio and television about forgery and distortion. Censorship of news, movies and other programs is expected. Or it is in the line of funny reasons and excuses that the former spokesperson (and some other ministers) used to cover up the officials’ actions.

Or, most of the time, I was reminded of that well-known and experienced TV showman who, in addition to running his shows, also works at the apparently respectable job of deputy minister when he is unemployed. I think these similarities cannot be so coincidental. Maybe if we sit and think, we can find out where the flow is coming from. For this point, many agree that the Kurdish people are the pride and cause of Iranian pride. So far, I have heard from many people who said how they were significantly affected by meeting and dealing with the ideas, thoughts and views of a Kurd. So far, I have seen their kind of behaviour and deep understanding of issues and personalities in very few people. I don’t know what the reason is… The environmental conditions and weather and basically the geographical coordinates of their land are the reason or maybe all the suffering and torture and or suffering that has passed on to them over the years and even centuries have made such extraordinary men and women. It is as if they have come to earth to teach us and others about freedom and Righteousness. What the people of Marivan showed cannot evoke any other idea in me. Every day and in any situation, we witness how people can lower their heads and bend down to the point where they can touch the ground with their forehead with no sign; this dedication and sacrifice of the people of Marivan is a great lesson. And it is shocking for all nations to learn how to maintain freedom and free thinking in the most awkward and difficult situations and not succumb to force and pressure. Such is the logic of being human and dying human. Those who, if they die, will die standing tall.

And here is a birthday present from me to Al; it is a selected quote from Al’s last novel, “Season of Limbo”, which was made by a highly adorable friend of mine, Petra Glimmdull. I am sure he will be delighted with that.

In ca. two years, I will reach his current age if I’d survive. No one knows; wait and see; in any case, I am very thankful, at least half a century, to be the companion of such a genius. Stay by me.

27 thoughts on “Happy “Earthy” Birthday, Even Though into the Eternity.

  1. You know, that really touched my heart Aladin! Thank you my dear friend for sharing this beautiful, heartfelt tribute to your beloved brother, Al. I always enjoy reading about your life together and the adventures you shared as brothers and friends. I also feel honoured to have read Al’s incredible book myself several years ago. Al certainly had a style of his own, much like yourself, and in the passages by him you have shared here, I sense the depth, talent and soul of a great man. Love and light, Deborah. xxx

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    • My lovely Deborah, I wish Al would hear your prizing words, and I sense a lot of honourable joy by your comparing me with him! I hope I earn some of his and our father’s talents. You have always given me such courage to keep going. Thank you for this high appreciation. Love to you. πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

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