For… …برای (Baraye) #Woman_Life_Liberty!


An Essential Move for the World Freedom. #IranRevolution2022

My thoughts are gloomy, and my heart is heavy. It is a sad, heartbreaking story for sure; however, a true and important one, and it will be an influential point in history.
Yes, my dear friends. What happened and still happening this last time in Iran has me entirely under control and demands my folly.

As the master says:

 Mr Purrington. By Lews Lafontaine

I’m such a conscientious person. I’ve always tried to do something good for everyone and spread a good mood. Therefore, I try to give an exciting and plausible report every week that brings joy or presents something new. But it doesn’t seem to be working for me at the moment. I sat in front of the screen for several hours and looked at the monitor like a fool. Nothing was in my head, no more muse!

How can one remain silent when one sees such pure beauty, which gets shot in the eyes or shot to death? Especially, The cultural tribes of the Kurds and Balochs. I didn’t have Baloch friends in those days in Iran, but Al and I have a lot of Kurdish friends, and we adored them for their intelligence and free brave hearts. No wonder Mullah’s regime is afraid of them. The Islamic regime has launched a military attack on them in the last few days, with heavy weapons against empty hands demonstrators. That is genocide! I will come back about them next.

Anyhow, I found no other way but to write about my feeling this weekend. Not only that, I present this post with my littleness to all the beautiful and brave women and brave young men in Iran. I said once that I give my best to help the Iranian youths reach their goal of overthrowing Mullah’s regime (I’m too old to hope to make any profits from it). It is not soo easy as democracy is something new for them, though stunningly, I notice how much they know and are hungry to catch it up.

I know that life is going on everywhere in the world, and everybody has their own trouble. Therefore I have no great expectations; I only want to let you know somewhere in the world, a great nation needs attention and compassion.

Now that I have poured out my heart for you, dear friends, I end my post with a song that may be one of the most beautiful songs about freedom in every society ever. Honestly, I am not a fan of Iranian music (only the very old traditional before Islam!), but this one has hit my heart of its melody and lyrics. It calls; For… (Baraye, in Persian), by Shervin Hajipour.

For… All!

PS: Rana Mansour has used a short part of a clip of Nika Shakarami, which I once could watch somewhere on the net. Nika was a talented entertainer with a fantastic voice. Her loss is a great pity!

For dancing in the allies and the streets
For the thrill and the fear of getting caught kissing
For my sister, my brother, and unity
For all the times we tried to change their minds and stale beliefs

For the loss of pride, for poverty
For the dream of just a normal life for you and me
For all the children who are starving for a loaf of bread

For the greed of politics and all the lies they spread
For all the mass-polluted air we breathe
For all the litter in the streets and all the dying trees
For all the animals who suffer from elimination
For all the cats and dogs who love us without no conditions
For all the tears that seem to never end

For all the images that keep on turning in our heads
For a simple smile, to last a little while
For the future generations fighting for their time
For empty promises of heaven in the after-life
For all the imprisonment of beautiful minds
For all the babies who are born and for the ones who died

For all the times you told the truth, and all the times you lied
For all the speeches that we heard about a million times
For all the shacks and shelters that were sold to make a dime
For just a glimpse of a peaceful life

For the rising of the sun after an endless night
For all the pills we pop just to get some sleep
For all mankind, and our country
For all the boys and girls who never knew equality
For woman, for life, liberty
For liberty
For liberty
For liberty

6 thoughts on “For… …برای (Baraye) #Woman_Life_Liberty!

  1. dailychoirgirlhotelnouveau

    Blessings I know this will seem strange but when I woke up I saw in my mind an image of that man he was wearing a black polo neck jumper & smiling . I wondered who he was then logged on here and saw your post I will pray for them but wanted to say that he is at peace now blessings 💜🐬💜

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