The Initial Dreams, from Dream Symbols of The Individuation Process


I think that for all of us dreams are always fascinating, and their interpretations are so more. My wife dreams a lot and can stunningly remember them most. I wish I could interpret them for her, but I must always pass! Although this ability is not unknown in my family, my mother and my brother Al could pull out some meanings, and one of my aunts (Rakhshi, the closest to us) was the master of interpretation.

I often have problems remembering my dreams, though a few strangely stayed remain in my memories. I write one of them down here; may one of the friends here can make a sense out of it.

I come into the kitchen the same as I live now, just with a difference, as the stove is not on the left of the wall but under the window in front of me. I look to the right, where the wall clock is hanging, to know how time it is, but I can’t because the watch is covered by aluminium foil. Suddenly I notice someone behind me outside the kitchen on the entrance hall. I turn and see an elderly dame with white hair and a walker-weal. (note: during my job, I have many such customers) I go to the floor and see that her eyes are covered with tiny white caps that people usually wear after eye surgery. I greet her, and she smilingly thanks me and gives me a key. That’s all; I woke up!

However, I try to learn from Dr Jung’s practice of Symbols and their meanings to fix my inability. Here, I present another capital from his book: Dream and Dream Interpretation; >dream symbols of the individuation process<: The Initial Dreams. Dream 21. I hope you will enjoy it.

Dream 21. Visual impression:

Nymphs surround him. A voice says: We were always there. But you didn’t notice us. (Fig. 1)

Fig. 1

Here the regression goes further back to unequivocal ancient notions. At the same time, the situation of Dream 4 { in which many indefinite women surround him and a voice says: “I have to get away from my father first!] resumed, and with it, the rejection situation of dream 18 [ in this dream, a man offers him gold coins on his bottle hand. The dreamer, however, throws them to the ground indignantly and immediately afterwards deeply regrets his action. Then a variety show takes place in a separate area.], which had led to preventive enantiodromia in Dream 19 [A skull. He wants to kick him away but can’t. Gradually, the skull turns into a red sphere, then into a woman’s head emitting light.]. However, the image is amplified by the hallucinatory realization that it is a matter of a fact that is always present but has not been noticed until now. With this statement, the unconscious psyche is connected to consciousness as coexistent.

The phenomenon of the “voice” in the dreamer always has the definitive and indisputable character of the “antos epha; (suffer)” (he said so himself: This referred to the authority of Pythagoras.) That means the voice speaks the truth or is a condition that can no longer be seriously questioned. The fact that contact has been made with distant signs means that deep layers of the psyche are accepted by the dreamer’s unconscious personality and are communicated to consciousness as a relative feeling of security.

The vision in dream 20 [A globe, on which the unknown woman is standing and worshipping the sun.] represents the anima as a sun worshiper. She has stepped out of the sphere (or spherical shape) there, as it were (Fig. 25). But the first spherical shape is the skull.

According to an old belief, the head, or rather the brain, is the seat of “anima intellectualis”. Therefore, the alchemical jar should be round like the head so that what comes out of the jar should also be “round”, namely simple and perfect, like the “Anima Mundi”. (1)

The culmination of the work is the production of the “round”, which is at the beginning (as “materia globosa”; Fig. 26) and at the end (as gold). The hint of what has always been there should refer to this. The regressive character of the vision is also evident in the fact that, like in Dream 4, many female figures appear.

This time, however, they are characterized as ancient, indicating historical regression (like the sun worship in Dream 20). The disintegration of the anima into many means something like a dissolution into the indefinite, i.e. into the unconscious, so it can be assumed that the historical regression is accompanied by a relative dissolution of consciousness (a process that can be observed in the highest degree of schizophrenia). The dissolution of consciousness, the “abaissement du niveau mental”(lowering of the mental level) – to paraphrase Pierre Janet – fed on a primitive state of mind. A parallel to this nymph scene is the Paracelsian “regio nymphidica”, mentioned in the treatise “De vita longa” as the origin and beginning of the individuation process. (I refer to my remarks in Paracelsus as a spiritual phenomenon. CW 13, § 214)

(1) Paraphrase; (Cf. on this, Liber Platonis quartorum, in Theatrum chemicum, 1622, vol. 5, pp. 149ff. and 174. This treatise is an important Harranitic text for the history of alchemy, which is available in Arabic and Latin. The latter is, unfortunately, very corrupt. The constitution time of the original is probably the 10th century. Cf. Steinschneider: The European translations from Arabic, 1904/5, p. 44.)

Images credit: Joseph Tomanek (1889-1974) / Hypnerotomachia Poliphili

17 thoughts on “The Initial Dreams, from Dream Symbols of The Individuation Process

  1. Wow, what a deeply, fascinating post, thank you for sharing this Aladin. With your own shared dream I found it interesting that your cooker has been re-positioned. Neither to the left, the feminine aspect, nor the right, the masculine aspect but in the middle of both these positions. Surely this denotes a merger, a union of these archetypal opposites. A very good sign, a dream of integration!

    The kitchen in the house is the most alchemical room, it’s where all the magick takes place. I’m not sure about the aluminium foil covering time (for some reason I keep thinking of the metal “Silver” in the feminine sense) but your anima’s/Crone’s appearance indicates that your “in-sight” is being worked on as she wears those post-surgery glasses. Lots for you to muse on. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. Many years ago I read C.G. Jung’s “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”. I have put this book back on my list to read in 2023 as I believe that I will gain more insight the second time around. I can never remember my dreams either, Alaedin!!!

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    • That’s a wonderful idea, dear Rebecca. For me they are all the first time, however, I’m reading them again and again. We both might try to write our dreams to keep them in our memories. Thank you so much for dropping by. 🙏 ❤️🤗

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  3. Hi Aladin, as usual, I can’t see to figure out how to comment on your post so I’m commenting here.You can post it on your blog if you want to. I’m glad to see you writing about dreams. I’m sure you have many followers who are interested in them. I think Deborah’s associations are spot on as always. I agree with her that the key is an especially rich symbol. I find it interesting that the old crone gives you a key. I wonder if that might mean that only a relationship to a woman, or to your anima, can provide the key to what this “time/clock” of your life, whatever it is, might be asking of you. The key could also represent your entrance into the unconscious. In Dictionary of Symbols by Tom Chetwynd, who uses a Jungian perspective, he says that Goethe’s Faust is the story of an ordinary man guided by the symbolic material arising from his unconscious and that the key to consciously connecting with it is linked with sexuality, the union of masculine and feminine. By the way, I highly recommend Chetwynd’s book if you want a better understanding of dream symbols. Blessings, Jeanie


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    • Heartfelt thanks, my dear Jane. I don’t know how but your comment is placed in the right place! You have done it yourself; therefore, I don’t need to transport it here. Anyway, thank you for your precious words. I will contemplate your interpretation and look forward to getting that book. Thanks again. 🤗🙏💖


  4. Aladin! I think dreams are tough to interpret for others and also I think the meaning can morph over time. I generally look at the symbols to see what they could mean vis-a-vis my life and how they are presented as a clue to how it applies. I also think everyone in my dream is a reflection of me. The kitchen stove (what are you cooking up these days?), the clock, the hands of which are covered (time is immaterial to Real Life?), the old crone (wisdom — your higher self?), the eye coverings (temporarily blind, but vision will be improved once the coverings come off), and the key (to understanding and knowledge, perhaps?). So yeah, I have trouble with the interpretations, too, but it seems to me your dream was an auspicious one of things to come. ;0)

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  5. Have you had cataract surgery?
    If not, perhaps get your eyes checked.
    Someone close to you having a difficult time seeing?
    Dr. Jung I am not.
    I don’t go too, deep.
    I remember my dreams, often. I don’t like many, but I have triggers in my dreams that let me know I am dreaming, which removes any fear.
    My simplest interpretations are usually true.
    Then there is the other way around. Something happens in real life – then I flash on the dream & it’s meaning is revealed.
    Be well Alaedin! xx

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