Formentera; A Journey of the Finest!


Switching from heavy topics to some pleasure sights is not bad sometimes. Therefore, I do go back to my ritually posting about my last journey with some views which might calm our souls these days.

FormenteraΒ is the smallest and most southerly Island of the Pityusic Islands group, which belongs to the Balearic Islands autonomous community (Spain). Regina, my wife, was a few times there, but for me, it was the first time. We’ve flown to Ibiza and from there on the ferry to the Island.

The first day was almost done (dusk!) as we arrived late. Therefore, we just looked around, but the next day the full action awaited us! The most active part of us had already planned to rent bicycles to do something in the following days, and honestly, I was happy that we didn’t rent a car because I drive cars enough in my home city! In front of the camping place, there was a bike rental company, a very nice young gentleman welcomed us, and as we asked for the E-Bike to rent (suited our age), he regretted that because of the bike marathon which took place that very day, he only has regular bikes. It meant using your muscles! Of course, the Island is almost flat, and it had to be easy to drive bikes without the help of electronics, as we did take a tour to another beach at the forenoon and returned easily to our stay.

But the next tour Regina intended to take was not as flat as it needed to be. The Island has been an old traditional hippy place, a cult to which I once belonged as a young man. And behind a height is a hippy market we wanted to visit. Early in the afternoon, we started to drive over there. The first kilometres were easily done, but as we knew there would come some heights, I opened my Google navigator to see if it could be an easier way to get there, and indeed a shortcut was shown to us. We turned on this one and were happy about our luck, but after some hundred metres, we noticed that the way was actually for the climber and not for the bikes!

There was our biathlon competition with the bikes on our shoulders to climb up the hill, though we also could enjoy the beautiful sights.

Anyway, we’ve reached our goal, exhausted but happy. However, I must say that the market was not what I expected a hippy market must be. Maybe I am out of mode because this market was too modern for me as an old hippy. Of course, it was friendly with reggae music.

We took a walk around and drank something, and because my adorable wife had it not enough, we drove to one of the three lighthouses a few Km further. It was a lovely place, though we wore summerly thin, and with a cold wind, Regina got a cold!

Nevertheless, we did our daily tours as heavy as the latter. It is indeed a fantastic Island, mainly because of free will acting at the beaches, as I took it immediately: the nudity!

You might see how naked I am with my friend, Mike! (the book down there is Ulysses, by James Joice. I will write my thoughts on it!)

And we visited other places;

And other friends:

and more places;

And afterwards, cheers to the night; the show must go on…

I indeed must apologize that all the photos are by me. I haven’t Regina’s yet, I know they are undoubtedly fascinating, and I will try to get them soon. The woman rocks forever and back then. Cheers.

And… I don’t know where I’m going, but I am on my way!

Have a lovely weekend, everybody. I am sorry that some of Regina’s pics are missing. She didn’t give me hers yet. Maybe later. Love you all.

17 thoughts on “Formentera; A Journey of the Finest!

  1. Wow, these are such truly wonderful photos and tales, thank you for sharing them with us Aladin! Do you know what species that magnificent looking bird is? The one with the green hose pipe? It looks kind of mythical, well to me anyway! Oh my, those hilly ascents and descents and that you had to carry your bikes up! Still, the vistas and views were gorgeous. By the way, I enjoy all your topics, whether they are heavy, light or somewhere in-between. Love and light, Deborah.

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