The Secret Of Addiction; P 1

I might have mentioned in my stories, now and then, about our (Al’s and mine) addictions, and I think it’s the time now to tell about it so far as I can. I might dedicate it to some of my special friends on FB, especially Carlos A Riollando, who desired to know more about this topic, as once there was a text from Marion Woodman on Carl Jung’s point of view on the patient’s addiction to alcohol.

There Carl Jung talked about the principle of why people look for drugs to feel high. Here is what Jung explains in one of his letters to a friend. (With huge thanks to Andrew Beal)

You see, alcohol in Latin is spiritus, and you use the same word for the highest religious experience as well as for the most depraving poison.
The helpful formula, therefore, is spiritus contra spiritum.
“As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, 0 God” (Psalm 42:1).
~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. II, Pages 623-624

I am much brighter now, as I know his opinion about this. As I can well remember, Al and I were searching to go deeper into our psyche and find the unknown in the soul; the unconscious. Although, despite losing our father so early as children (I was seven, and Al was Nine), Al and I were decent so far as a child could be. We respected our mother, though she was, as a young widow, not so expert at bringing her sons up. Maybe it has to do something with genes; I don’t know! But we never did or even thought of going on the wrong way as it might usually happen to the orphaned children. You know, I think humans always have unanswered questions, and all religions mean to have the answers to these questions. Yet these answers aren’t enough; they even look like rip-offs or kidding. Then one tries another way, and these ways determine the goals. If the one who might be lucky and understood that it is not the aim she/he is searching for or must know, but the right path which must go on, and others who might not be so lucky wander around.

Here, I must thank Al for his genius soul that helped me find the correct answer: Find the right path; that’s all!

It is already known that drugs come from the Orient. And in Iran, it began with Mysticism, as the famous Persian poets drew away because of Arab dominion, and the wine was their salvation. Afterwards, it was opium from China and hashish from Afghan territories.

However, we got know it later in our youth as usually the young people began with it. I was about end of sixteen when I began to smoke cigarettes. And in my rebellion one year later, as I began to know the Hippies world and let my hair grew longer, I got knowing hashish. Actually, I brought Hash to Al because I was more outside and connected to the young society through membership in a music band. I played the drums those days, and mostly, hippies were around.

Later on, smoking hash wasn’t my thing anymore. Al loved it, but I wanted something else, and there I met some young students who smoked opium in an absolute traditional Persian way, and I loved it! Maybe I inherited it from my father as I know he liked to smoke it, even I heard that he was totally high with that when he and my mother put the seed in her womb to make me! Indeed, smoking pure hash has no addiction; opium has an addiction, though more physically than mentally. But heroin, which came later, is essentially causing mental addiction.

Honestly, heroin was and is the devil itself. Believe me, the others are all like childish plays before this. We learned it when we tried LSD. The experts advised that after LSD, one needed some sedative to calm down. Though there are many different LSD: there are primarily so-called speeds which require it, and, as I have experienced, a well-made LSD doesn’t need anything like this. It is though another story! Let’s come back to the devil name heroin; We have used it to calm down the tension after using the pills, even sometimes we took some valium tablets instead. We were still in the mood for LSD. Therefore, we didn’t try it so often. But after we had enough experience with LSD and stopped using it, the topic term: (Now what: how getting high?) remained! In between, we got to know some addicted friends who smoked it every day; two of them became our close friends, and they needed to have a place to smoke. Our mostly empty house was a good place to get high with it; it was the first, pure try: without any tensions caused by LSD; it took us into an intoxicating world; everything was easy and well accessible and lasted some days. Therefore, we agreed at once by a friend’s suggestion to try it again!

And we smoke the devil in our longs; it looked so harmless; after three or four times, you have a creeping in your back, it isn’t aching, it is even pleasant! But the devil calls you, the sniffles are lovely, take a breath!

Sorry guys, but it seems that I am indeed not the professional writer I wished to be; I have to make a pause and see for the second part! It could be and should be the following weekend. Thank you.


I just want to mention my brother, Al, as the most melancholy man ever. Let’s have a good time with The Moody Blues. I will try to write the following memories soon; thanks, lovely friends.

I’m a very lonely man, doing what I can,
All the world astounds me and I think I understand
That we’re going to keep growing, wait and see…


  1. Thank you Aladin for being brave and sharing your drug related stories and experiences so openly. What a rich and varied life you’ve led with so many challenging events that came into your life from such an early age … without even mentioning the fact that you had to flee Iran as a young man too.

    Thankfully, I only ever dabbled with drugs whilst young and fortunately never developed an addiction. Drugs were a hit and miss affair with me despite trying most things and enjoying a few, including smoking heroin once. (that made me sick, thank goodness!) I preferred to roll and smoke the “leaf”. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Always grateful for your kind words, my love. They mean all lot to me. You have chosen the right way to roll it and not to sniff it. 😉🥰 Honestly, it’s not so easy for me to talk about those days. I just hope that it might help some people to understand what it really means and how to solve such problems. Have a wonderful evening, my dear Angel. ❤️ 🙏🧚‍♀️

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  2. Thanks for sharing your drug related stories and your past experiences in a sincere way. You were strong and brave to say enough!
    As Deborah says, your life has been so eventful – sad or joyful memories that make us who we are now.🤗

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  3. Alaedin,

    I was always nauseated by the sight of my pals injecting drugs… usually heroin.
    That saved me from heroin.
    However, there have been other drugs and times in my life.
    I still love my red wine, and a bit of pot. (dinner and after only)
    Hard work has saved me. I am as addicted to working hard on things I love, as others are addicted to apparently pleasant and eventually fatal drugs and/or alcohol .

    It is the need to be creative, and then have my creative output appreciated by even one person that has overruled many not great thoughts, issues, wants and more.

    Thank you for this article! – Resa xoxo

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  4. “Here, I must thank Al for his genius soul that helped me find the correct answer: Find the right path; that’s all!”

    I can imagine your brother is smiling upon you from above👏🏻🦋

    Fantastic post! And I look forward to the next part. I may leave another comment later about the drugs, as that is all so very fascinating!


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