Somebody Up There Likes Me!


Although the title is from a classic film from 1956, I thought it fits here with my story. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I ever could tell this story; it may be because of my idiotic behaviour at that moment. But today, as I accompany the Earth’s rotation around the sun for sixty-eighth times, and with the help of a few sips of my favourite whiskey, I gather the courage to do it.

This story is about a miracle! Do you believe in miracles? I do, as I have experienced it throughout my life several times. I don’t want to tell them all, just an example: it happened in my school days; I was circa eleven or twelve years old. One day, I had forgotten to bring my school assignment, which I had to give the teacher in the afternoon. It was still early in the morning that I noticed it was missing. Therefore, during the break in class, I ran home (about less than one Km) to get it, but nobody was at home. My mother was out at work, and I hadn’t the key to get in. I tried with every window may one could be open with no success. I just stood there in the yard and began to pray! Suddenly I heard a noise; I looked up and saw a window opening mysteriously, and I could get in. I really don’t know what happened, but I could get back to the school with my papers.

Now I will tell you the new one; it happened some weeks ago, on a hot summer day when I was at work (driving my taxi), and it was a lot of orders to carry out. I have to mention that on this day I wanted to visit the bank and throw some money into my account and early in the morning before I began to work, as I was in a hurry, I took all my papers (inc. saving book and all the cash) which I always keep together in a packet, and pushed them in my fanny bag. It was around midday that I needed terribly to jump on any toilet, and as I was in a hotel taking some bags for transporting, I asked for the bathrooms.

Anyway, long story short, I did my job and hurriedly came along to continue my work. Several hours later in the afternoon, I was taking a customer to the train station as I thought I had a pause after this and I could get to the bank that suddenly I noticed I had no fanny bag on my belly! I was shocked; it looked like a nightmare. I told myself; just keep calm and think about where I left it. The answer came soon: in the hotel’s damn toilet. I immediately called my colleague who knew the employees in the hotel to ask them if they had found the bag, and I continued working. He called me back to say that no bag was found!

I am lost! I thought I had to get to the hotel personally to search for it. But there was still a lot to do. The only way for me was to keep calm and concentrated, not cause an accident until to get a chance to drive there. This period was, for me, very exhausting.

Various thoughts were passing through my mind. I was becoming angrier and angrier at myself; why the hell I wasn’t careful when I knew I had so many worthy things inside it? I tried to remember what could be in the bag and noticed that it was all I had; every vital piece of paper man could need to live in this bureaucratic world! Don’t lose your hope, I said. I remember through my many years working, I have found twice such a big briefcase full of money and gave them to the police to find the owner, and thought; I had to be redeemed then! I’ve called all the ghosts, including my brother Al, my father, and my mother; please, help me!

In the late evening, when I finished working, I drove to the hotel. The hotelier told me sadly that nothing had been found. I might convince myself. I looked everywhere and even asked the cleaning service who couldn’t speak German! But nothing. It is lost, I said to myself. What an idiot finds a bag full of money and gives it back? And I drove to the bank to block my account. But it wasn’t so easy! I had to call the emergency to secure my account. I have tried three times but strangely without success. I gave it up and drove home. But before I got out of the car rang my phone; it was the hotelier, saying I have the fanny bag; I think it is yours; I’ll look inside it if I am allowed. There are a lot of things in it; I think it is yours!! Allegedly someone had seen it in the toilet, took it, and left it on the counter behind a plate.
Then I thought, There is somebody up there who likes me!

21 thoughts on “Somebody Up There Likes Me!

  1. Great post! I really enjoyed it. I’ve had my own miracles too like surviving stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, which I am grateful I survived. Your guardian Angel is taking good care of you. Have a very Happy Birthday! β™‘

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    • Oh, my lovely friend. It looks that your Guardian angel keeps her eyes on you as well. I am thrilled that you’ve got through it. Thank you ever heartily. πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ’–


  2. I love stories like these, full of synchronicity and mystery, so thank you so much for sharing them Aladin and if you didn’t know it already many people “down here” like you too! Love and light to you on your birthday, Deborah

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  3. A miracle! And also, perhaps, good karma! In the past you returned lost valuables, and somebody else did the same for you! I am so happy you found your lost bag. And that somebody else was nice and wise to report it missing and not steal it. A good story

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