Fifty + Years Loneliness XI (c)


Al, Me, our Close Encounters of the Second Kind, and Dr C.G.Jung! Part 3 (Including odd Visions, Dreams and Concepts. Abduction!?!)

The 3,000-years-old hieroglyphs found in Seti I’s temple in Abydos, Egypt, are said to depict nothing less than a helicopter, plane and futuristic aircraft among the usual insects, symbols and snakes.

In this third part, I want to tell you about the after-effects on us (at least on me) of our experience that night. (here & here are the last parts if one hasn’t read them yet.πŸ™)
These after-effects, what I mean, are the dreams and some spectacular visions which I had.

But first, let’s have a look at our past (historical and religious). We see these Sagas talking about the Gods and Goddesses coming from above (the sky) down to the Earth. I can remember well once I asked my Mum; why when we pray, we hold our hands towards the sky and look there up? She answered; because the Earth is full of sin and filth, and the sky is pure and innocent. I don’t know if she found it out herself or picked it up somewhere, but in any case, it convinced me.

The video can be watched here πŸ‘‡

Here Dr Jung explains;

“In the threatening situation of the world today, when people are beginning to see that everything is at stake, the projection-creating fantasy soars beyond the realm of earthly organizations and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets… Even people who would never have thought that a religious problem could be a serious matter that concerned them personally are beginning to ask themselves fundamental questions. Under these circumstances, it would not be surprising at all if those sections of the community who ask themselves nothing were visited by `visions,’ by a widespread myth seriously believed in by some and rejected as absurd by others.”–C. G. Jung, inΒ Flying Saucers?

After our encounter that very night, I’ve begun having dreams whenever I took a nap. These naps are common to the addicted people currently in a hangover state. Unfortunately, I can only remember two of them; 1- I dreamed that Al and I were lying on our couch looking TV. Suddenly I noticed the ground beside me was digging out, and a coffin came out of the Earth. My heart was beating fast, and I saw a sign like a cross on the top of the casket. Then, the cover slipped aside; as I eagerly looked inside, I woke up!

2- I dreamed about that night of our encounter on the roof. That was actually the continuation of that moment when the ship stood directly above our heads. In my dream, it hovered a while and came down in front of us, and a gate (a big door) opened, and some small creatures (typical aliens) came out of it. They walked nearer, took Al over their hands, and carried him into the ship. Then everything turned white in front of my eyes; I couldn’t see anything, only white and I woke up! We didn’t talk so much about these dreams. Al has always been a good dreams interpreter, but he kept silent about these too.

When we came to Germany, an issue caught us up in the early 90s: Abduction. Although this is an old issue, it became famous in the early 60s, with the Betty and Barney Hill abduction generating widespread publicity. I don’t want to get into the details and cause a long read. I just want to mention that it became trendy in the 70s and 80s through many books with hypnotized Inhalt and many movies on this topic. And as Al and I were in the free world, we began immediately to deal with this topic.

There were many books to read, and we’ve got most of them, among others; Whitley Strieber, David M. Jacobs, Budd Hopkins, Raymond E. Fowler, and John E. Mack, whom we have met personally in the Bern, Switzerland, in a three-day seminar on this issue. Hopkins, Jacobs and Mack’s accounts of alien abduction became a prominent aspect of ufology under Dr Jung’s thesis on psychological experiments. . Of course, one must mention that one of the organizations was Erich von DΓ€niken.

In this seminar was that we had an opportunity to talk to Dr Mack; That was the second day, late afternoon, when Al and I sat at one of the tables, suddenly we saw him with his secretary standing near our table and looking confused, saying; who is here English speaking?! Al raised his hand, and he ran to us at once and said, thank goodness, here all are speaking German!

Anyway, we began to talk, and as he asked about our experiences, we told him our stories and then I told him about my dream of this. He laughed and said, you are who was brought to the ship and not your brother!

Dr Mack was a wonderful, friendly and intellectual man who enthusiastically worked with many people who had abduction experiences (abductees) and tried to help them with hypnotizing to solve their trauma. Unfortunately, On Monday, September 27, 2004, he died in London after a (dubious) car crash, and many questions remain unanswered.

Almost affected, only the lips in my vision were narrower.

In the coming years, I had many visions like seeing shadows and hearing voices, especially on the nights when I slept; someone called my name so loudly that I woke up! But one of them is so weird that I must write here: it was one or two years before my brother Al left this Earth; I say it because I have a strange feeling that it has something to do with that. I was swamped with my work those days, and I remember I was exhausted and wanted to sleep. When I lay down on my bed and closed m eyes, I saw a face in front of me, inside my eyelid! It was so clear that I shockingly opened my eyes. I looked around and wondered what it was? I closed my eyes but saw it again, as it never faded. I opened my eyes somehow terrifyingly. Shortly said, I did it several times, and with every closing of my eyes, it was clearly present. Finally, I gave up and stared into my eyelids at this face; it was somehow feminine according to my feeling, and she was so real. My heart was beating faster as we were looking straight at each other. She had a round naked head and big beautiful eyes; after a while, she slowly closed her eyes as if telling me: everything would be alright, considerable suffering would come, but everything would be okay! And I went into a deep sleep.

In any case, these all are weird and inexplicable to me. Maybe someday, somewhere, I will find the answer somehow.

The strange thing about these kidnappings is that those affected have the same signage from these aliens worldwide. I don’t know if I was kidnapped or not; maybe you are too. In any case, these memories stay with me. Let’s see; perhaps the truth will show itself in the future. πŸ˜‰πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ’–

25 thoughts on “Fifty + Years Loneliness XI (c)

  1. Wow, that was a deeply fascinating read Aladin! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. My initial thoughts on your first dream are that what was once hidden below (coffin, unconscious) rose above into consciousness, like an initiatory experience, as almost shaman-like you travel between realms in your dream state. With your second dream, for me it seemed as though you were watching yourself being taken deep into the psyche. Such portals exist, as I’m sure you are aware. But memory of them seems forbidden, save the briefest of glimpses we witness, in rare moments. I think β€œAbduction” describes well the experience because it goes beyond ego, beyond Self at times, as did meeting your beautiful anima. I’ll stop there as I could write lots on this, especially on such rich, symbolic dreams. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • I hear as Jung speaks to me, my dear angel. Your words sound somehow fitted with my Impressions of these all. I think the same about the coffin and how I wished to see inside it! The roof’s story still puzzles me; I can accept your analysis, though I still see a misty meadow all around my mind when I think about it. Although, I am so grateful for your thoughts and appreciate them. Love and love ever.

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      • Re the roof dream/experience …perhaps Al, or that part of you, was being taken into the ship on a journey into the Self, or beyond? Why do I say this because once I had a similar experience in that first of all of a sudden a picture appeared in my mind of someone I knew, then another picture came, then more pictures arrived. All of these were very real and as clear as daylight. I thought to myself, well, hello unconscious, it’s great to meet you. Then something different happened and a huge intelligence filled me and surrounded the pictures in my mind too, and I said to myself, ah, hello Self and for a few moments I held it all in my mind, the ego, the Self, the unity, the separation and I thought that was it … until something extraordinary happened, something greater. The only words I can describe the next presence was the world’s soul, “Anima Mundi” anyway it arrived or I stepped into it (I don’t know which) and there I lost my sense of self, there was no more “I”, only “we”. I’ll write about it someday but for now I wanted you to know, as I’m sure you already do, you’re not alone in these strange, unexplained, experiences my friend. Love and light, Deborah.

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      • Wow! Honestly, it was a help call that happened; Synchronization! I knew something was going strange with both of us, and I am happy I am not alone. Thank you, my dear Deborah, that does help me to feel alone. I am excited to read your story.

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  2. “Go then, there are other worlds than these” -Stephen King (The Gunslinger). Your experience is vast, and we are so very lucky you share with us here! Another amazing article! The Dream – it makes sense to me how it could all be connected – Your knowledges, life experiences, death experiences, initiation with the UFO on the rooftop… all coming together in the form of higher dimensional vision. Seeing the face with your eyes closed…. means you were using your 3rd eye! I have experienced this, but currently my 3rd eye is shut… Anyways, already you have inspired the very earliest plan for a movie I would like to make! About close encounters, and higher dimensions!!πŸ––πŸ˜Ž

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  3. elainemansfield

    Amazing dreams and incredible connections with the other side, including Al. My dreams are usually less exciting, but they give me information about where I am and where I need to go. I’m more than amazed by the images on Seti’s tomb. Wow! I hadn’t heard of or seen those. May all be well in your dreaming and day world.

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    • I think that the cause of such dreams are the experiences in life, and here, it shows the turbulent times of my life. Heartfelt thanks for your kind wishes, my dear friend. ❀️


  4. Ah, these stories so remind me of the X-files, Aladin. I loved that show because I think this all must be true but society tells us we are not allowed to think it because we must always be in control. I love that you were dreaming of these things every time you took a nap! I hope you figure it all out someday and then you can share it with the rest of us! xo

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