A Solitary Man remains Lonely Even in a Mass! (A short Story of my new Family and Me) P2!


I love my solitude. Even when I lived along with my mother and brother Al, I was always alone. We were all three alone in our lives: my mother in her dreams, Al in his world, and me in the search for the meaning of my existence. Therefore, I always tried to avoid the mass. You can imagine then how hard it could be for me to participate in such an assembly. But sometimes it must be, and it should be done! Now let’s back to the story; (here is the first part.)

With my Tall Loving Friend!

As Dr Jung assy this, and I agree with it, there is no doubt that we all humans or (hu-wo-man!) carry the masculine and the feminine within us. It is inevitable and valuable at the same time because we can better understand the so-called opposite sex! But sometimes, it’s hard for some people, especially men, to accept that.

Last summer, we were invited to Regina’s sister’s sixtieth birthday. They live in Hagen, a city southwest of our province. That was lovely summer weather, and we were in the garden. Eating and drinking (boozing!), dancing, all the usual concepts. Later in the evening, a man, relatively tall, began to talk to me about the way he’d like to drink and his most beloved one: beer! I said; mine would be whisky and wine. He, named Mathias, was enthusiastic, and a long conversation ensued. Long story short, I noticed that as he drank more and more, he enjoyed our talk, but it wasn’t enjoyable anymore for me. I have tried to escape via dancing or running towards WC!

Anyway, it became late, and we left the party. I was happy to see that Mathias, my compulsive friend, was so drunk that he didn’t notice my departure.

Last weekend, as you might remember, I have mentioned that I had to go for a sixty anniversary, and that was my brother-in-law who had a birthday. You can guess who I met there, Mathias! Of course, I tried to ignore him or stay away from him as much as possible, but I failed because he kept staring at me ( like a lover!), signalling and even sending the birthday boy, my brother-in-law, to ask me what was wrong! I felt that I must talk to him, out of courtesy at least, and told him that I am sometimes not in the mood to talk. He accepted somehow, and I withdrew to my place. But it didn’t last half an hour before he came to me and asked if I’d mentioned last time I drink Jack Daniel’s most? He’d like to get it for me. With coke? He asked. I said; never! I drink it pure. πŸ˜‰

Honestly, I had one or two glasses of beer, and I wanted to try to get some whiskey, but the party was in a restaurant, and as I expected, the host has had blocked all the expensive drinks, what else! Therefore, I told Mathias that I had already asked for that and they didn’t have it. He looked at me unbelievingly, and went away, and after a while, he came back with a glass of whisky in his hand, offering me.

He ignored my surprised face and said; here, it is for your whim! I thankfully took it, and I knew the price; I must go to his table with him and chat endlessly. There I had got the feeling that he is a Bisexual. He was married, you know, and his wife was also present. I know the strong anima side of me. Therefore, I had often encountered bisexual men, but this side of me is lesbian, as I might mention before. No interest in men! I had to disappoint them always. But his interest in me and his emotions, full of love and intimacy, got higher and hotter with every glass of beer! I don’t know if he was aware of his behaviour, or even my guess was correct? Her wife was standing beside me and was halfway exciting listening. However, he wanted to know what I was doing every day at home. I answered, doing different things, writing some stories now and then. He believed in my talent immediately and wanted to know how much I earned?! Nothing! I backed, and he was shocked totally.

To answer his “why?” I said that I am too bloody for making business. I make it a hobby, and it is good so. He didn’t believe it and said; listen! I am a businessman, and I know you are a talented person(?!). Please do it, try it to earn money! Anyway, long story short, again, I promised to try it, though I know I am not the one.

In any case, It was not so cheap for him because I had some more whiskey in the jars to drink, and there played some lovely music as I could make a short escape in the meantime. In the end, as we divided, I was happy, and he was somehow satisfied. It was definitely, an exhausted but amusing encounter. And as I can be sure, it will repeat itself in the future, thank goodness not so often, though!

As you have seen above, along with my notes, I add some quotes from Dr Jung to show the importance of awareness that we have both sides in us. Interestingly, it is easier for women to understand and accept it, but for men, it is hard doing this. Maybe because of this famous macho feeling!

In the end, I share this song from the time of my youth for freedom and peace for all mankind. Have a peaceful weekend, my friends.

18 thoughts on “A Solitary Man remains Lonely Even in a Mass! (A short Story of my new Family and Me) P2!

  1. elainemansfield

    I have plenty of solitude, eased by the presence of dogs, friends, and sons. You may not have loved the party or the guy who wants to be your friend, but you got a great story out of it. That’s often the way I think of an experience that irritates or agitates. “This will make a good story.” I’m working on a few of those now. And now back to solitude!

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  2. I am very much like this, Aladin. Sometimes I want to be the life of the party, but more often, I enjoy quiet and not talking. After a whole day of work I just want to walk the dog and listen to the wind in the trees. It’s all about balance, right? For me the balance is more quiet than noise. oxo

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  3. theburningheart

    I am basically a solitary person and live a very rich life, doing my things, and reading, I have friends, we usually have coffee some evenings at a cafe. On Sunday I met with one of my sons. πŸ™‚

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  4. Very entertaining! Thanks for braving the partyπŸ˜… and surviving to share this gem with us. And I have to tell you, I relate so much to your introverted experience, and also your anima description. “I know the strong anima side of me. Therefore, I had often encountered bisexual men, but this side of me is lesbian.” I know exactly what you mean!πŸ˜„ My anima is lesbian too. For me personally, I am not a typical male. I am only attracted to women, but my personality is more feminine. It’s easy for people to assume I am gay. And I think that is why I have encountered a lot of bisexual men too my whole adult life. Or at least, I think I have🧐 We don’t usually find out if people are sexually interested in us, do we? We only have our guesses. Our gut reactions, feelings, suspicions… Like you at this party. But as INFJs our suspicions are usually correct!

    True story – In adolescence I actually physically fought off one of my bisexual male friends, who jumped me, tackled me to the floor, and started humping. He wanted to make love. I pushed him off me, scolded him, and he left my house immediately. We are still friends, but have never talked about the incident. He is married now (To a woman) His secret is safe with me. I have no ill will toward him. Actually, this was a valuable experience for me because now I know for sure what male sexual desire feels like towards me. I have learned to recognize it better. People are always confusing though Haha. And fascinating!

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  5. Absolutely agreed! We are very similar to each other, and that is nice bro. πŸ‘ I have had almost the same situation as I had to disappoint a homosexual friend by rejecting his feelings, though it didn’t come so far like your experience πŸ™ƒ his was only an offering! Thank you mate for your support πŸ‘ πŸ™

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