Hello, Crona, My Friend…!

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Hi friends! I wasn’t supposed to be here this weekend, but the omicron’s fast train overtook us, and now we’ll all be his! First, our son, Raphael, got it, and then it was our turn. On the other hand, I have heard my brother-in-law and his wife are infected, too, despite their vaccinations and boosters.

In any case, it seems that there is no escape, and we have to confront this beast. As the Master tells these good words:

AZ Quotes

And this or that variant, being prepared is the most important thing.

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You might ask how is it with me and Regina and how we feel; I would say as I write this post, I am totally exhausted and have some muscles and bones aching, and my wife feels weak, but otherwise, she doesn’t have much pain, maybe because I wasn’t a good boy and worked eleven hours on Thursday. Anyway, I can’t concentrate my thoughts on writing an article. This one is just a draft I tinkered, and now I’m done!


It seems that we will have a long way to get rid of this. I can only say that my feeling as an infected person is very similar to flu effects. What if we leave the fear and let all usually goes!
Take care and stay strong, my dear friends. 💖🙏🤗🙏💖🌹

25 thoughts on “Hello, Crona, My Friend…!

  1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling a bit poorly Aladin and that you and Renate didn’t get to travel this weekend. Hope all your symptoms stay mild and that you start to feel better soon. Here in the UK we’re preparing to live without any Covid restrictions. Hmm, I don’t know whether to be happy or scared! I’m sure the rest of the world will follow us soon. Here’s hoping you have a lovely, restful weekend. Love and light, Deborah.

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      • Oops! It looks like I’ve named your wife Renate instead of Regina, apologies! Who’s Renate?! Within weeks I imagine we’ll find out if the UK way is best. All the world’s eyes are on us and I hope our government has made the right decision. Time will tell.


  2. Oh noo, I’m sorry to hear the Omicron got you, LM! I’m just recovering from it myself. Wishing you and your family a full, speedy recovery. But I’m glad you had strength enough to write this post. I’m so happy every time you share a quote from Dr. Jung. This one is new to me🙏🏼🔮

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  3. elainemansfield

    I’m sorry you, your wife and son are ill. I hope you have light cases and the grandchildren are well. I’ve kept myself Covid free with vaccines and masks in public places. It’s natural in my winter world to not socialize as much as in summer, so that happened without a fuss. Be well. Take good care. I look forward to hearing you’re fully recovered.

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    • You’re lucky, my dear friend. All my wife’s family members are triple vaccinated and mostly are infected! Even in her school, some full vaccinated teachers have got infected. I think it has nothing to do with whether one has got the jab or not. Take care, dear Elain.

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      • elainemansfield

        So I respond with what you already know: In the US, people who have been vaccinated still get Covid, but the severity is much less and the death rate is much, much lower for the vaccinated. My vaccinated son travels and plays music in large venues. He tested + for Covid despite vaccination and booster. He knew he was exposing himself, but his symptoms were like a light cold. I’d rather avoid a severe case, so I’m vaccinated. Be well and I hope you already are. It’s a crazy world.

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      • Yes, dear, I know! The symptoms here are also mild, like a cold as I have it too, whether vaccinated or non-vaccinated, all got the same. And there are rarely death rates. We must only keep our eyes open. Be safe and blessed.

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    • Well, that was unavoidable. I think it’s better that way; my body knows the enemy then. You wrote that you had it last year? Then you’re strong because it was the Delta variant! 👍💪💖Thank you, dearest Pam. I will get through it. 🥰🤗🙏

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      • Actually, I had it last January when delta wasn’t around. Who knows what version I had but happy that’s over. Are you taking zinc, vit C and D, and magnesium (we are all deficient in magnesium because the soil’s for crap after all the pesticides Monsanto puts out there) and the best one, turkey tail mushrooms (great for your immune system). Give them a try and see if you can speed up the process of the virus running it’s course, Aladin. Not that you asked for my advice. 😂🥰🤗

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      • That’s undoubtedly a significant advance from you for me, my lovely Pam. Thank you.😊🙏 Actually, I take zinc, VC, Magnesium, and VD because of the lack of sunshine here in Germany. But Mushroom is a good tip. 😉👍


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