A Trip in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote) P1 César Manrique

César Manrique pintando en el estudio de su casa de Tahíche. Lanzarote, 1985


Yes! That’s me, back again from my vacation. However, it was an adventure more than a holiday journey. Because, as you already know by now, we both, my wife and I, are not that good and submissive! Therefore, regrettably, I would say; that was a brave act of ours!

(“PS 2 times in millions!!: I had been dreaming that I had turned off my M. Phone for suspected two last days in our holidays, just for a breathe. I tell you, when I came back, there were thousands of Emails and notifications and… Hush; it wasn’t a dearm!”) 😭

On the other side, It’s beautiful and, especially for me, an unusual Silvester time under such a clear sky and warm (ca 22 C.) climate. And as we’d noticed, how easily the Spanish people do with the new crisis. It was also outstanding. Of course, as I have promised, I will share my pictures and experiences about this short trip, but let me begin with a visit to the house and museum of a great artist, Cesar Manrique, whom I’d honestly never heard of before.

First, I must add here that something saddened and aggrieved me after I read his biography, to know that he took part in the Spanish Civil War end of the 30s but to my surprise on the side of Franco! Perhaps that could be described as his youthful naivety. I would do that because the arts and artists can never belong to or even exist in any fascist regime. With that, I calm my heart and dare to say that he was a great artist in a suitable place and at the right time.

In his biography, the writer describes his feeling as follows:

He participated as a volunteer in the Spanish Civil War on Franco’s side. His war experience was atrocious, and he refused to talk about it. In the summer of 1939, once the war was over, César returned to Arrecife. He bore still wearing his military uniform. After greeting his mother and siblings, he went up on the flat roof, took off his clothes, angrily stepped over them, sprayed them with petroleum and burned them. (From his Biography.)

What piqued my interest was the way of life those days (in the 70s) and how people with art and artists could live so happily and free.

I think it was how I always wanted to live, and luckily, despite residing in Iran and being so far away from the centre of the events, I had got a lot of that and could dream of being there. When I was looking at his works and the pictures, and the fascinating architecture of his house, made into volcanic mountains and chilled lava, I was just fascinated and stunned!

Here is an excellent recording of this house.

And his way to approach the art:

César Manrique Cabrera (24 April 1919 – 25 September 1992) was a Spanish artist, sculptor, architect and nature activist from Lanzarote. Wikipedia

Anyway, as I was enjoying this loving life, I wondered in the back of my mind how unlucky is the new generation didn’t experience this wonderful life.

I will continue for sure, after I’ve got the pictures taken by the master of photography, of course, my wife. 😉🤗

26 thoughts on “A Trip in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote) P1 César Manrique

  1. How wonderful Aladin, to hear that you had such an adventure-filled holiday! I hope you rested too. Your wife’s photos speak volumes about the beautiful art left by Cesar Manrique, an artist I’ve never encountered before so thank you for this introduction. I watched the video, his Volcano House is simply spectacular, a work of art in itself! Love the photo of everyone in the hammock too! Have a great weekend! Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. That house is amazing! I’d never heard of Cesar Manrique either. His art is a little reminiscent of Picasso, although his quirky home reminds me a bit of Pablo Neruda’s ocean-side house – you can’t get much more anti-Fascist than the great Neruda. Finding out that Manrique fought on Franco’s side is very saddening.

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  3. Fantastico!🇪🇸 Welcome back, and this post is awesome! It is great to hear about your brave adventure, and to see the treasures you experienced and photographed! Now I know who Cesar Manrique is too. I would love to read more posts about your Spanish adventure.

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