A Moment For Reflection.


Light will someday split you open,

Even if your life is now a cage.

Little by little you will turn into Star, Little by little,

You will turn into the whole sweet amorous universe.

Shams-od-Dīn Hafiz

Today, I am exhausted from a stressful week behind me. Therefore, let me steal my own contribution from my Facebook page, which I shared some days ago. It might even be interesting for some friends who’d missed it.

I had to go to the shopping district to get the book (the Booted Cat, by Brother Grimm), which my wife had ordered for Mila, our granddaughter because she slept with us last night. That was an occasion for me to take a walk in the woods in the neighbourhood.

The weather was excellent. On my way back home, It occurs to me to take a pic or two, like to keep a memory from this beautiful day. And with inspiration from a friend of mine: Deborah Gregory, I chose a poem from the great Persian poet, Hafiz, to decorate my recordings.

I wanna just to add a nice little thing to this: When I finished taking photos, I saw some people in the distance were standing and talking. When I came nearer, I noticed two dogs were in companion, and one of them, standing in the front watching at me intensively. When I got closer, the dog ran towards me and barked once loudly! I immediately knelt because I had experiences in such a situation. The best way to avoid being attacked by an unfamiliar dog is kneeling. He ran past me and stopped, turned back and looked at me. I told him: come here, buddy! He jumped up to me and started licking my face. The people were all thrilled. I believe that they have not expected such a reaction from a stranger-looking man and not even such a loving utterance from their dog to me. Anyway, the owner of the dog told me that the dog’s been just nine months old and apologized for the dirt on my sweater from the dog’s paws. I told him there’s no problem, that is all soil and not dirt! How I love dogs, they already know themself.


The sad news I have got newly, that Graeme Edge, Drummer and Co-Founder of the Moody Blues, Died at 80. As you know, I loved and grew up with them. Therefore, I share this song as a remembrance of him. Thank you, Graeme, for these all fascinating rhythms.

Graeme Edge, left, with his fellow members of the Moody Blues, exemplars of the prog-rock movement, in 1971. The others, from left, were Ray Thomas, John Lodge, Mike Pinder and Justin Hayward.Credit…Chris Walter/Getty Images. via the new york times

How is it we are here, on this path we walk,
In this world of pointless fear, filled with empty talk,
Descending from the apes as scientist-priests all think,
Will they save us in the end, we’re trembling on the brink.

Men’s mighty mine-machines digging in the ground,
Stealing rare minerals where they can be found.
Concrete caves with iron doors, bury it again,
While a starving frightened world fills the sea with grain.

Her love is like a fire burning inside,
Her love is so much higher it can’t be denied,
She sends us her glory, it’s always been there,
Her love’s all around us, it’s there for you and me to share.

Men’s mighty mine-machines digging in the ground,
Stealing rare minerals where they can be found.
Concrete caves with iron doors, bury it again,
While a starving frightened world fills the sea with grain.

How is it we are here
How is it we are here
How is it we are here

Peace and Love. 🙏💖🥰🤗💖🙏

26 thoughts on “A Moment For Reflection.

  1. Oh, how I loved your colourful, late autumal woodland photos and Hafiz’s inimitable verse this week Aladin alongside those rich conversations that flowed from many of your friends after you shared them online. Taking a walk in nature after a few stressful few days is wonderful isn’t it and the perfect antidote!

    Having listened to the Moody Blues videos, I’m now playing “Nights in White Satin” which takes me back to my teenage years and memories of unrequited love. Deep sigh! Such is the power and beauty of music. It’s amazing how trees can inspire us. Hope you’re having a lovely, restful weekend. Love and light, Deborah.


    • How I hear your sigh… I know how you love woods, and I have learned a lot from you. This will remain, for sure, an “underlined marked memory” in my mind. I hope you are having “still” a wonderful birthday.
      PS: I have a feeling that it can be a kind of a round number?! 😉💖😘😘

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  2. What lovely experience with the dog! I didn’t know about kneeling when a strange dog comes at you like that. Thanks for sharing that. Also, your image of the woodland path. So sorry to hear of the passing of your dear friend from the Moody Blues. Love and blessings, Jeanie

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  3. The photos you took during the walk are gorgeous and the poem you published. is beautiful.
    I didn’t know that way of dealing with a dog that looks aggressive, and I thank you for the tip.
    Last but not least, your tribute to the Moody Blues took me back to the good times of my youth😘😘😘😘😘

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    • I’d done me well, even though I am a “Spring/Summer” type of person too. But as you’ve mentioned, Autumn is there, and we must make the best of it! 🤗🙏🥰💖😘
      PS: running away from a dog is much worse! 😉🐕🏃‍♀️


  4. elainemansfield

    It won’t be a surprise that I loved the dog story the most. And also the sense that we can find something beautiful and inspiring (and sad) in an ordinary day. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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  5. … The era of The Moody Blues (and many others) is closing.
    We should expect more heartache, as we are reminded of our joys.
    Anyway, your photos are fabulous. They are reflection worthy, and stimulating.
    You are connected to the nature of life, as the dog tale exposes.
    Be well! Resa xoxo

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