Fifty+ Years Loneliness VIII


Under the Influence of the Pink Floyd Music.

I had actually no idea for my second post today. I just feel empty a little, again?! By the way, I am alone today (the other part of me is on the road with friends) and I had to do all the household requirements: buying, cleaning, washing, cooking! Honestly, I am such a type who, when eating, always begins with the unfavourable part to reach the best part at the end, or, when I drive a car, I don’t mind driving over the white lines, or, I never brake at the yellow light! A little anarchist, but also a perfectionist.

Now, to overcome the void, I thought, let’s have a look back again and open another chapter by continuing my life-tells. With Pink Floyd, who is famous enough and don’t need to be introduced.

They are another main focus in my memories for sure. We have got to know Pink Floyd and listened to them since they got famous. It might be our continual habit, as the Beatles separated, and we have tried to keep staying truthful to the music. There were a lot of good music bands, which come from England. And as I believe Pink Floyd is one the best music bands of all time. After all, there was a connection between Al, me, and Roger Waters. It was almost the same situation in our childhood. I mean: to lose the father so early. We found some common feelings in the album “The Wall”, which I will explain later.

The first one, which got our attention, was Ummagumma. With this, we’d got a lot of “Highlights”!

After that, it follows with ” Atom Heart Mother” and Meddle, which pushed our flight higher, Then the Masterwork: “The Dark Side Of The Moon“, and with “Wish You Were Here“, we have begun our LSD trips. Of course, I must mention that we had a look back at one of their first albums, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn, in which we could find the basis of the Floyd music. In that, we can find harmony in chaos!

Anyway, it went on with “Animals” and the cape of top: The Wall. As you might know, it is all just breaking the wall!! We have surely needed such a “tearing the wall” in Iran, those days!

In “The Wall”, we found out the suffering of a kid, without father, and a helpless mother. It was so close and common feeling.

In that album “The Wall”, we have found our situation behind the wall, crying for freedom. But nobody was there, could help us.

Goodbye Cruel WorldΒ Lyrics (Waters) 1:05

Goodbye cruel world,
I’m leaving you today.

Goodbye, all you people,
There’s nothing you can say
To make me change my mind.

Oh yes! Pink Floyd had a big influence on us, when they sang: We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fishbowl,
Year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have we found?
The same old fears.

“Wish You Were Here”


Since, my friend, you have revealed your
Deepest fear,
I sentence you to be exposed before
Your peers.
Tear down the wall! …….. and we did!

And we knew that it could not be so easy, but the danger and pressure have been too much.

Outside the WallΒ Lyrics
(Waters) 1:42

All alone, or in two’s,
The ones who really love you
Walk up and down outside the wall.
Some hand in hand
And some gathered together in bands.
The bleeding hearts and artists
Make their stand.

And when they’ve given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it’s not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger’s wall.

After all, The Wall came out as a movie, and there, it has completed itself!

How many times, Al and I had hit the wall to hear a voice but, no one could hear us.

Let it do, as best as we can do!!

Love you all! πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ™

26 thoughts on “Fifty+ Years Loneliness VIII

  1. Music, without doubt, has been the greatest of companions for us all since time immemorial. Although Pink Floyd were not personal favourites of mine, I hasten to add that I only truly discovered Bowie’s brilliance twenty years ago … so there’s time, however, I do recognise them as architects of a major music movement and who could ever forget the lyrics, music and video to their hit song, “Another Brick in the Wall” I’ll enjoy listening to some of these tunes later! Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Truly, I am still wondering how Waters managed their albums. If you listen to them carefully, you will find out how perfect it sounds. Especially, Dark side of the Moon, and The Wall. But anyway, as you said; Music is the greatest of companions for us all. Thank you, dear friend, for your worthy words ❀ 😘 πŸ’–

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  2. Music has been a huge influence in my life. Hey, I married a musician. I get to hear live music all the time. It’s a must!
    Pink Floyd was a fave of mine, but did not grab me like they did you.
    Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix still haunt me. I listen to them a lot when I’m drawing, or sewing an Art Gown.
    I’m happy you had a big music influence in your life.
    It makes you richer.

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    • That’s true! Music is one of the sources of life, if not the only. As Alan Parson used the words of Edgar Allan Poe:
      Shadows of shadows passing
      It is now 1831
      And as always, I am absorbed with a delicate thought
      It is how poetry has indefinite sensations
      To which end, music is an essential
      Since the comprehension of sweet sound
      Is our most indefinite conception
      Music when combined with a pleasurable idea is poetry
      Music without the idea is simply music
      Without music or an intriguing idea
      Colour become pallor
      Man becomes carcass
      Home becomes catacomb
      And the dead are but for a moment motionless
      Of course, I liked Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix too, and many others of that time, the time of Woodstock, of Love and Peace. And wow, you’re married to a musician? Interesting, just because of living two artists together would be not boring! Thank you, my dear friend. πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ’–

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  3. elainemansfield

    Wonderful lyrics. By the time Pink Floyd became popular, I’d met my first spiritual teacher and was listening to classical and Zen music with him–as well as meditation, studying Jung, Greek philosophy, astrology, and much else. Vic and I stayed with some of our old favorites for dancing and we always loved Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, but the focus had shifted by 1970 to classical and Italian opera. Thanks for introducing me to the lyrics of your youth with Al.

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    • Those years were some very special years. We had enjoyed Pink Floyd in that wild late 60s and early 70s and after that, Leonard Cohen teached us the solitude. But the classic music was our companion all the time. We had over 500 vinyls from many Masterworks. Thank you Elaine, for sharing your memories of those days 😊 πŸ™πŸ€—β€

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  4. Loneliness is a terrible thing and rampant in the pandemic. I do agree Pink Floyd was up there was the absolute best and Waters was a musical genius. My favorite PF song was Wish You Were Here. The fist song I heard by them was The Wall and was immediately captivated by their music.
    Be well and safe dear friend.

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