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By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

Le Penseur in the garden of the Rodin Museum


I had to think about the Food for thought right now, by our wise friend Jack Eason and his complaints about missing certain (or any) feedback! Though I share his posts on Facebook, and he doesn’t care!!

We have almost got used to seeing that, on WP, there’s too much feedback or too little! Anyway, I hope Jack does not take it into his heart. On the Web, it is like a lottery if you were lucky, and share a post at the right time in the right place. I would suggest my dear friend Jack: just letting go and keep cool! 🙏😉😊

But as the question remains; what is thought, what is intelligence and who is the one? I am a humble man and try to be nice to everybody, and everyone’s happiness is my happiness. My education is mediocre, and I haven’t any high university degrees. But all through my life, I read a lot and studied myself, and I have gathered a huge experience, maybe more than a normal one can do. Maybe that’s why I don’t care about any feedback! I have noticed well how sensitive some of the authors are here on WP. Many talks about the presence, and they mean the presence of the others on their pages and forget about the other way around. 😳😁😎

In any case, thoughts and thinking have been always my everyday activities. As I well remember in my youth, when I first got to know Socrates, by Al, through “The period of Plato’s works”, I was sitting on a park bench and couldn’t stop thinking. Suddenly a girl asked me what’s wrong?! I came back on me and looked at her, said; sorry, what do you mean? She answered that she saw my face warped so badly. Therefore, she was worried about me. I was so thankful for such humanity, and I also noticed how thoughts give me power and energy to better understanding life.

But am I an intellectual person? Na, let’s read this thoughtful post, and we might found out.

By with thanks.

 A visible thought makes me go faster,
see less, and at the same time rejoice that I am
going to see everything.


Van Gogh, Path at Saint-Remy, December 1889. Oil on canvas, 32.2 x 40.5 cm.  Kasama Nichido Museum of Art, Japan.
Van Gogh, Path at Saint-Remy, December 1889

By Nikos Tsoulias

      What is thought? How did it evolve in man, and how is it created in each person separately in his very early childhood? Does it have a material base, and where is it based? If thought is a matter solely of the mind, what is its relation to the brain? How can a person lose the ability to think rationally? Does the possibility of thinking have a biological reference, or is it only a matter of man as a cultural being? Are thoughts derived only from our own conscience and will, or are foreign thoughts “visiting” us?

      There are endless questions about the most unique and worthy issue that concerns man and can hardly be answered with some certainty. In every other field under consideration, our thought and the object under study are always two distinct parts, while in the case of the study of our thought “observer” and “observed” are identified, subverting the design of the general production of knowledge. When we try to think about our thinking, then we enter a chaotic world, without archimedean points, without any certainty, and above all, without any solid methodology for investigating the issue.

     Thought is perhaps the most basic victim of the famous dualism of man in body and spirit since every structure of our materiality, and every concept of our spirituality are considered in absolute encirclement between them. In fact, a strict rating scale has entered in which the body “flows” towards the image of darkness (due to its given decay), and the spirit “flows” towards the corresponding image of light (due to our strong belief in immortality), and the absolute dimension of body and mind, in my humble opinion, has trapped our own way of thinking. And I explain why.

     Our language code is clearly the tool by which we understand the world and ourselves. But at the same time, this is happening. Our linguistic code forms the framework of our mental horizon, but also the technique of interpretation of each element. Therefore, it necessarily acts with restrictive and given terms. The world is what is not only because we have the given possibilities of the senses, but also because we have the given linguistic code! Every time a scientific or philosophical “example” changes, the semantics of basic concepts necessarily change. For example, ” Einstein, who takes the basic concepts of the Newtonian system, such as weight and space, and thought of in a totally new way » (D. Chopra, R. Tanzi, Super Brain ). Nor, on the other hand, can we discuss our thinking and our spirit outside of our biology. There is no immaterial man!

      Thought is composed of concepts and words, questions and quests. We have found the seat of the higher spiritual functions in the neocortex of the human brain, in this part that evolved only in man. But the most important thing in the whole case of the emergence of thought was the creation of groups and societies and at the same time the formation of our imaginary field into a second more complex reality. We study the correlation between a specific spiritual expression of man and the biological activity of the brain with the technique of electroencephalography. This in no way refers to a linear function of these two fields. Why? Because only consciousness can understand the brain and no mechanical explanation, based on facts about the brain, it is enough “(D. Chopra, R. Tanzi, Super Brain ). Nor, on the other hand, can we discuss our thinking and our spirit outside of our biology. There is no immaterial man!

     Thought is a cultural possibility and a gift, but it is created in a given biological/material possibility. To understand our thinking, it may be necessary to find the evolutionary paths of tens of thousands of years of evolution, to feel its sources and to go step by step to the present strong development of our noosphere, which has the freedom of reflection and research to learns everything that exists in the Universe. But the most difficult field of study and knowledge will be our brain itself, ‘ t the universe of half a kilo “and our minds.

        Every thought attempt for our thought contains a very basic question that Harari raises in his book: Sapiens. A short history of man. ” Or maybe the real question we face is not ‘What do we want to become?’ But “What do we desire to want?” . He adds: “Those who are not intimidated by this question have probably not thought enough about it.”

I am the keeper of the herds.
The herd is my thoughts.
And my thoughts are all their senses.
I think with my eyes and ears
, hands and feet,
nose and mouth.



10 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thought…

  1. You know there’s all kind of intelligence to be found in the world but the one I rate highest is “emotional intelligence” and believe me Aladin you’ve got buckets of the stuff my dear friend. Another wonderful weekend post, as always! Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. Some of that is a little too deep for me, I’m afraid. Too much deep thought about the nature of being, the nature of life and the universe, make my head fly apart in too many directions.
    I must stick to my humble writing and leave others to contemplate deeply. Deborah is right about E.I. You do a very fine job, Aladin!

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right for sure, my dear Chris. I think our brain has a lot more capacity, though we have forgotten how to use this mass! I hope one day we all will reach that point. And I humbly thank you both lovely ladies for your kind words. 🙏🙏🤗💖🙏

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  3. elainemansfield

    I am not formally a Buddhist, but I love the Dalai Lama and his repeated statement, “Kindness is my religion.” I think that’s the most important spiritual practice. When my husband was dying and lost his sharp mental focus for writing and meditation and then even reading, he said, “I can always be kind.” And he was, right to the end, to everyone. I learned a lot from his spiritual practice. Thanks for another post that helps me think life through.

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