Religions; the Meaning of an Illuminated Way of Life?


Part 1: The Cathars or Catharism

Carl Gustav Jung says:

The unconscious psyche believes in life after death

Or “Religion is a defence against the experience of God.

And Voltaire claims:

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.

And: If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.

Since I could define the difference between good and evil for the first time in my life, I have asked myself: “why does human need or must have a religion?” I think it is hard to answer. If we accept the individuality of every human, then the answer will be; the human does not need any religions, because, everyone can define the good from the bad. But as we know, there’s always been a mass, a herd that needs a shepherd.

As we look back to our history, we can see that in the time when the ape climbed down the tree and lost his/her sharp teeth and claws, felt left alone and needed protection.
She/he wanted to have a predominance or super-priority, which can help when in need and can believe in this.

Now let’s go to the title of my article, which I want to write thereabout: The Cathars.

Al, my brother, who had always kicked my mind to wake up and think, told me about some sect. He said that in early Christianity, there were people who were able to lift themselves through meditation. They never needed any warm clothes or much to eat. It has surely to do with reinforcement of the mind, which I understood through the seasons of my LSD experiences.

Although, whatever happened in early Christianity with the help of Catholicism had vanished or lost without a trace. And the most famous first breakup was the Renaissance and later the French revolution. But as we can see, even in the 12th century AC, some different (Oppositum) peoples existed who were related to the divine and the duality; the Cathars.

Catharism (/ˈkæθərɪzəm/; from the Greek [what else!]: καθαροί, katharoi, “the pure [ones]”) was a Christian dualist or Gnostic movement between the 12th and 14th centuries which thrived in Southern Europe, particularly in northern Italy and southern France.

Catharism Sudden flowering took place at a time when Europe, stimulated by the contact with the East that the Crusades had brought, was shaking off the slumber of the Dark Ages and rediscovering ancient wisdom in the classical text.

Little as we know about the Cathars, it seems clear that they were in some way that hairs of Platonic thought, of the esoteric teachings and mysteries of that pre-Roman civilisation that embraced the Mediterranean and the Near East. Simone Weil, a French philosopher, mystic, and political activist. Died in 1943 (age only 34) as a result of voluntary starvation in sympathy with her compatriots then under German occupation. A passive resistance! Was she a Catharist, as they believe in passivity?

Cathars and Troubadours, there’s some similarity in it. They go: one of a class of lyric poets and poet-musicians often of knightly rank who flourished from the 11th to the end of the 13th century chiefly in the south of France and the north of Italy and whose major theme was courtly love — compare trouvère. The precise semantic field attached to the word troubadour—are allied in Arabic under a single root w–j–d (و ج د = Happiness) that plays a major role in Sufic discussions of music, and that the word troubadour may in part reflect this. Isn’t it a dreaming society?

Women hold up half of the sky!

Catharism has been seen as giving women the greatest opportunities for independent action since women were found as believers and Perfecti, who were able to administer the sacrament of the consolamentum.

Cathars believed that one would be repeatedly reincarnated until one commits to the self-denial of the material world. A man could be reincarnated as a woman and vice versa. The spirit was of utmost importance to the Cathars and was described as being immaterial and sexless. Because of this belief, the Cathars saw women as equally capable of being spiritual leaders.

I am really wondering what went wrong with Genesis, what the hell could it be, and should it might be!

These (meant surely us, the poor believers) are they who… fell from Paradise when Lucifer lured them thence, with the lying assurance that whereas God allowed them the good only, the Devil (being false to the core) would let them enjoy both good and evil, and he promised to give them wives whom they would love dearly, and that they should have authority over one another, and some amongst them should be kings, or emperors, or counts; and that they would learn to hunt birds with birds, and beasts with beasts. Cathar Prayer

Annihilation; I’d not rather like to write about it. You can surely read it on Wikipedia, or as I might highly recommend it: The Master Game, by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, a great read.

(…the Troubadours… mention God and Jesus Christ, it is very probable that they are speaking as Cathars, and that their deity is the “good God” of the Mani’s philosophy’s faith.)

Mani and who was he? that is another story which I will write in the second part. Have a safe and good WE, my lovely friends. 🙏💖


19 thoughts on “Religions; the Meaning of an Illuminated Way of Life?

  1. I’d never heard of the Cathars, so thank you for the history!
    Troubadours I knew about, as I love all music.
    I must say any belief system. wherein women are equals, is a step in the right direction.
    I think I agree with Jung…If I know it, I know it.
    Does that mean knowing is believing?
    I do make a distinction between believing (knowing) something AND believing IN something.
    Hope I made sense. xo

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  2. Like Resa, I didn’t know about the Cathars either so thank you for sharing this rich article Aladin. I shall enjoy digging in deeper with the links you’ve provided. Just read about how they were massacred by the papal Crusader army and pretty much annihilated thereafter. What dark and bright journeying. Love and light, Deborah.

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  3. elainemansfield

    Thanks, Aladin. I’d heard of Cathers, but didn’t know much, so you taught me more. Religions are so often intent on annihilating other religions. I don’t need a formal religion. I love the Dalai Lama but won’t take Buddhist vows and I loved Sankaracharya but didn’t become a Hindu. I worship at the feet of Wisdom and the Beauty of Nature.

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    • I absolutely agree with you, my dear friend. As I remember, in my youth, I have loved Jesus because of his teachings (on love and compassion) but didn’t become a Christian.
      I think that the main thing is not to believe in a religion to find the right way. We might look at our heart. As Rumi says: “your heart knows the way. Run in that direction.”

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  4. History is written by the winners so the Catholic Church did it’s best to obliterate those it didn’t agree with. To quote Monty Python – “no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.”😂😂😂

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