The Fairy and the Dragon


I love fairytales since when I could begin to dream. I think it happens more often for the children who always have something left to wish for. And for me, yes! I had (and still have) a lot of wishes and dreams. I believe It is because of some trauma in my time as a kid. They could cause some problematic complexes, but I kept them as wishes and dreams.

Fairytales are the best way to keep the wishes alive. They will grow the power of imagination, and I have used them all with the whole of my energy. I read a lot of books and watched a lot of movies of that kind, and always wanted to be the good one, the hero! Now I appreciate this because the power of my fantasy has not become older but mightier.

Here I present a short but extensive fairytale, again from the brilliant site of our Greek friends (though, I don’t know whose story is that), to show how instructive it can be. Enjoy and have a great weekend. 🙏🤗💖

The Fairy and the Dragon

made by Sofoklis


He was once a dragon.

He never had anyone with him and wandered in mountains and caves.

After all, what else could he do but fly from one mountain to another, when he thinks about his existence and when he tears the rocks with his fingernails and blows flames.

So one day a Fairy came and sat on his nose… The dragon was surprised.
He looked her in the eyes and asked:

– Aren’t you afraid I might eat you?
– No .. I’m too small to be satiety!

– Aren’t you afraid I might imprison you forever?

– No, I disappear whenever I want.

– Aren’t you afraid I might love you?

The Fairy was confused, she did not wait for this question… but she answered him:

– No… everyone wants to love and be loved someday.

The dragon felt strongly the desire to hug her… but his fingernails nailed the little Fairy…

He wanted to kiss her; his hot breath burned her wings.

The dragon cried, but his tears drowned her.

The little Fairy was neatly (minikinly) dying in his arms, she was just whispering the secret to him…

It is not enough to want to love ……., You must be able to….!


10 thoughts on “The Fairy and the Dragon

  1. Oh, that was wonderful Aladin, thank you so much for sharing. Your post today reminds me that somewhere on my shelves I have a copy of Herman Hesse’s fairytales book … must dig that one out and have a re-read! Love and light, Deborah.

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