Thoughts are free! (Die Gedanken sind Frei), And The Choices are Free Too!


Today, I want to share my thoughts with you, the Ones which concern me lately. I don’t want to talk about any conspiracy or whatsoever likes. It is only this all stuff about Coronavirus, the Vaccine, and the subjects of matter of terrifying. Please read this carefully, and I hope I can explain my point of view clearly.

Hi, dear friends, before you read this post, please don’t be upset, because it is not a usual post of me, and it maybe looks too strange before your eyes. And I don’t claim anything except my rights of free choice. And I think that it has to do with all of you, your personal freedom, your personal rights, please think twice about what prejudice before you do.

Of course, I am not talking about Bill Gates with George Clooney and Hillary Clinton, who want to control the world and drink children’s blood!! It is all about me myself. I just wanna say: I don’t want to get vaccinated. I can’t do the same as the mass do! I did it always, all through my life, and I was not alone. Al, my brother, has been in the same way, though everyone in his own style.

Al was silent, as hermit and recluse. I was curious and rebel, and more in the public, might because of my working as a photographer. I uttered my thoughts always loud and clear, with no fear and with my head raised. That might sound crazy, but I was crazy (and still am, though, got older). After the 1979′ revolution in Iran, there was rarely a day in which I walked through the streets without being observed or forced into the police car for investigation.

I don’t know the reason why they were so fixated on me, perhaps, because, every time they have observed me, I have looked back at them! And I have never made their investigation easier as I complained that they’d have no right to inspect me. I knew about my right, and it made them angry. And finally, one day, they took me to jail without any reason. There, I had learned about their way of torturing. It is, of course, another story.

Let’s get back to the present. Last year, as this virus appeared, everything looked so easy. I speak about the situation in Germany, as I am living here. I have read a lot about the conditions in the other countries, but I should judge better, where I have a direct overview. And I think that it stinks high to the sky!

The German government, first, meant it’s all under control. Then, after all, it was clear that it’s not! Later, as the word (lockdown) became a lovely word, running through the mouth of every minister, they began to make mistakes one after another. It was because they did know nothing about what to do, but they didn’t want to concede that, and they still don’t know. This made me unsure about their skill and competence to solve the problem, and from the beginning, I didn’t care about their advice. I was working every day, with many peoples in close contact, but until now, I have got no diseases. I do not deny this virus. It exists among the other different virus, and I am not afraid of them all.

Some years ago, when Influenza made a fuss in Europe, I had almost every day someone infected in my car, and those days we had no mask to protect ourselves. But I had no fear because I believed (and still believing) in my own immunity (antibody). Everybody told me, those days, that I should let myself vaccinate for protecting from influenza, but I didn’t do that, and I don’t want to do this also against Covid!

As we might remember, influenza killed over ten thousand every year in the world. It is only this year that it takes a break because the Covid makes it instead! In my opinion, it is the same danger and nothing more. But as we see, there are a lot of chances to make money out of it. They do it in the form of shipment shops or, like in Germany, the lobbyists sell masks with a little help from the politics and the ministers, and all make an immense profit.

After this long prologue, I want to ask you if I have the right to say: I DO NOT WANT TO GET VACCINE! You may answer, of course, I have. But there is a mean problem, it is that every step one wanna undertake, like going to the cinema, restaurants, concerts or travels, will be conditional. The Vaccination certificate!

How we can keep fear from spiraling out of our control - The Washington Post
http://The Washington Post

Please listen! You may not know how is it to live under a dictatorship. But I know it, as I lived over thirty years under two totally different ones. I Just want to say that every government or regime in the whole world, no matter where, just all want to enjoy ruling totally. As Aristotle said, (as he damaged the beautiful world of his master Platon!): The politicians must earn enough money, not to get the temptation of any corrupted idea. But as we see today, there is no limit and their thirst.

You know! I don’t want to compare Europe (EU) with the Islamic Republic of Iran but, when Khomeini came to power, he made a referendum about if the people of Iran want the Islamic Republic or not: Yes or No! Al and I didn’t take part in this referendum because we knew there is all fraud. There was no coercion to take part in this election, we were free, but the trick was that the people, who took part in it, had got a stamp in their pass, and this stamp was not just a thing, it was the acceptance of your being alive. We had not this stamp, therefore, we were not alive! We couldn’t get a job or insurance or everything that had to do with the government, and unfortunately, I feel the same right now; we are allowed to reject the vaccine but, we can’t do anything we like to do! We, the not vaccinated, do not belong to society.

Anyhow, for many years, I got accustomed to my loneliness or swimming against the stream but, it is also calming to share my thoughts, the forbidden thoughts, with my friends. As we might know, the German peoples were one of the beginners of the fight for freedom. Here is one of the most famous song all thereabout. Enjoy and have a wonderful and safe time. πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ‘

It has been claimed that this song goes back to the Bundshuh rebellion of 1525 when the peasants rebelled against their oppression by the Swabian princes. The revolt was a failure and serfdom continued for another three hundred years in Germany. There is little evidence for this bit of folklore however and it is more likely to have its origins in the 18th century, when it was published as a broadside. The concept of freedom of thought has nearly always been considered dangerous and the song was banned for many years before the 1848 revolution, especially as it was seen to be associated with the ideals of the French Revolution. It was widely sung in pre-Hitler Germany and brought to the USA by German immigrants fleeing Nazi Germany. It is also said to have been sung in German concentration camps between 1933 and 1945.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts are free! (Die Gedanken sind Frei), And The Choices are Free Too!

  1. Wow! This is such a powerful, thought provoking post Aladin, and although myself, I have chosen to be vaccinated against Covid, I totally accept that many people will close otherwise, as is their full entitlement to do so.

    It was heartbreaking to read how terrible life became in Iran for and Al, no wonder you left. I hope Germany has been a good place for you to live. Thank you for sharing this open and honest post with us. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. I am pleased with your freedom of thought, words and deeds in this post.
    I have not been what you have been through. However, as a woman… let me just say some men have abused me, and it was ugly. There is no vaccine for that, as there is no vaccine against torturers.
    This lead me to a life with writers, and all types of artists. We live a more boho lifestyle, but often speak loudly through the arts.
    I make my free choices. I already have one shot of vaccine, even though I believe we are guinea pigs.
    I don’t care about the passport, because I don’t go where the heard goes.
    I choose not to get influenza vaccine, or many others offered.
    I chose to get the Covid vaccine.
    The rich get richer. The poor get poorer.
    My forefathers stole my country from its original inhabitants.
    It’s the same old story. I’ll stop here, on top of this can of worms….this Pandora’s Box.

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  3. Wow! That is quite a feat πŸ‘. Thanks so much dear Resa, you have honoured me with this small piece, but a lot saying from your life. πŸ™ there is a hard and injustice life outside, and we must live with it, likely or unlikely. Take care my lovely friend. Your words lingering in my heart β€πŸ™β€

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  4. This is very thought provoking! I completely agree with you about the vaccine. I don’t want it, either. It scares me to think that a lot of people that are getting vaccinated are getting sick and even dying from it. I’ve seen several people lose their jobs so far because they refused to get vaccinated. It’s sad to think this is how life in the USA has become. We’re supposed to be a free country but it’s all changing now to being controlled. I wish you all the best!

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    • Wholeheartedly thanks dearest Michelle, it’s really a sad world. Here is also the same, many are dead or handicapped, but they have bought these doses and they want to inject as much as they can. It’s horrible 😞I wish you all the best either and good luck πŸ™β€πŸ˜‰

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  5. Elaine Mansfield

    This is a brave piece of writing, my friend. This was not a hard choice for me. I wanted a vaccine. I was a child in the time of polio and one of my best friends almost died and was forever crippled by that virus. The creator of that vaccine, Dr. Salk, did not patent it and didn’t get rich off it, but it changed many lives, including mine. He was trusted in a way that no one is trusted now.
    Each person can choose what they must, but I have had two doses of Moderna vaccine and was deeply relieved when my sons were able to get a vaccine. Everyone has a choice, so I choose to only be physically close to people who have had the vaccine. I wish you health and safety. There are no guarantees and I think covid will be with us for a long time.
    I’m sad the vaccine became a political issue rather than a public health issue, but Trump and his cronies had a lot to do with that–while he was secretly getting a vaccine after having covid. No wonder it’s hard to trust. It’s a challenging world.

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  6. Thank you my dear Elaine, I am happy that you have the vaccine and you feel good and satisfied. I had all the necessary vaccines in my childhood and I am happy about it. And I think it can also be a right decision for someone for this vaccination, but I am somehow worried how it is going as a matter of fact! As I see a society in which I will be an outsider because I am not vaccinated. And unfortunately, I see it is going in this way. πŸ˜•
    Anyway, your kind and wise words accompany me all through my life. Stay safe and blessed πŸ€—β€


  7. Aladin, I don’t know how to even begin addressing this post. I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone who has been the victim of torture so I will just say that I’m sorry for all that has gone before for you and hope that you have been able to make peace with it. The Kabbalah says that anyone who even sees violence in the world has a certain element of it still present in their soul so I feel on some level responsible for the reprehensible acts of many people on the planet simply by being alive on the planet in such a divisive time. I am hoping that the divisiveness will ultimately lead to unity, but who knows. I also would like to say that it is always your choice whether to do something or not so follow your heart. I listen to plenty of Abraham and I realize that what you think about all day long is what you are going to get so if you feel immune to the virus then immunity is what you will be. I don’t know that I can manage to be present 24/7 every day so I am choosing to get the vaccine so one of those little covid suckers doesn’t sneak up on me when I’m not paying attention! Here in the U.S. the whole vaccine issue has become so politicized that it’s ruined it for everyone and people are arguing over science the same way they argue over everything these days. Ultimately, whatever you decide, do it mindfully and with purpose. God speed. xox

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    • My dearest Pam, now I don’t know how to answer your wonderful, lovely touching and honest words. First, I thank you so much for your kind and good heart. I know that what I have tried to explain in my article, is not something usual. It might because of my life time under dictatorship in which I have learnt that I have to fight for my right, all through my life. You may imagine that we, young people, students, walking in the street to demonstrate their will of being free, and are surrounded by not only Islamic Police but also by the lumps and regime hireling who wanted to hit us and our resistance apart. When someone has such an experience always remains skeptical.
      Anyway, your lovely comment has brought light in my heart and calmness for my soul. Have a wonderful and safe weekend my dear friend. Take care β€πŸ™‚πŸ’•πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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