The Spirit of Love

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Behind your meaningless & fate a deeper dramais being performed, a dívine play of the daimons whose meaning is the redemption of the anima by the spirit of love. the R Soul, Maric-Louiscvonranz ouisevon ranz ouise p.127'
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I am a little confused at the time (I hear you shout!!) I will come to my point later. Now, let’s take refuge to my (or might yours too?) Master to take a breath.

With great thanks to Lewis Lafontaine, who does work hard for letting us know more about this genius. I am getting old, I know it, even the peoples around me don’t believe it. 🙏💖💖

After a hard struggle I have come a piece of the way nearer to you. How hard this struggle was! I had fallen into an undergrowth of doubt, confusion, and scorn. Only the love of those, to whom I gave love, saved me from the darkness. ~Carl Jung, The Black Books, Vol. II, Page 165

In memory of Hermann Sigg,/ my very dear friend,/ died on 9 January 1927.

At his tower in Bollingen, Jung painted a mural bearing a stone-carved inscription in Latin and describing the culmination of the process of the rebirth of the divine that forms a central theme of Liber Novus and the Black Books.

The Sphinx “This is where the God is buried,/ this is where he arose. / like the fire inside the mountains,/ like the worm from the earth,/ the God begins. / like that serpent from ashes, / like the Phoenix from the flames, / the God arises / in a wondrous way. / like the rising sun, / like flame from the wood, / the God rises above. / like ailment in the body,/ like the child in its mother’s womb,/ the God is born. / He creates divine madness,/ fateful errors,/ sorrow and heartache./ like a tree / man stretches out his arms / and sees himself/ as a heavenly man / that he did not know,/ facing the world’s orb / and the four rivers of paradise. / And he will see the face / of the higher man and spirit, / of the greatest father / and the mother of God. / And in an inconceivable birth / the God frees himself/ from man / from image, / from every form, / while he enters / the unimaginable and absolute / secret./ In memory of Hermann Sigg,/ my very dear friend,/ died on
9 January 1927.” ~The Black Books, Vol. VII, Page 239, fn 252

Hermann Sigg (1875- 1927) was a businessman and a close friend and neighbor of Jung’s and the founder, in 1904, of Haus Sigg & Co., which specialized in olive oil and had plantations and factories in Tunisia, Spain, and France.


http://Lewis Lafontaine

http://Carl Jung Depth Psychology

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