Valentine Cameron Prinsep

‘Self-Portrait’ (1883) by Valentine Cameron Prinsep

Today, I want to present an amazing and sensational painter; Valentine Cameron Prinsep, under “The Sensual Pre-Raphaelite Art”

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away (1897)

The reason is obviously clear when we have a glimpse of his Masterworks. When I, first saw occasionally this painting (s. o.) in the Media with its description, it blew my mind. Of course it seems that I was not alone: our adorable la gentildonna luisa zambrotta (WORDS AND MUSIC AND STORIES) got the same feeling and composed a poem on this seasons substitution: (translated from Italy.πŸ™πŸ’–)

of cold
of the morning,
that falls
the touch
of Winter
drives out
a Summer

Valentine Cameron β€œVal” Prinsep RA (14 February 1838 / 11 November 1904) was a British painter of the Pre-Raphaelite school. Born in Calcutta, India, he was the second child of Henry Thoby Prinsep, a civil servant of the British Raj. Prinsep travelled in 1856–57 to Helicarnassus (now Bodrum Turkey) for Sir Charles Thomas Newton’s excavation of the ruins.


Valentine Cameron Prinsep has a high profile, not only for having been contemporary (and close friend) of big names in the Pre-Raphaelist movement, but also for having been a remarkable artist within said movement himself.

I think there is not a word needed, let’s enjoy some of his great paintings.

Museum of Croydon; (c) Croydon Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
CH1762042; Private Collection; Photo Β© Christie’s Images; out of copyright
(c) Royal Academy of Arts; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) Southwark Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) Southwark Art Collection; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
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