Fifty+ Years Loneliness V (P.1)


Turn on, Tune in, Drop out! This World is not enough!

Here I’m about sixteen years old; at the beginning of my riot!

Do not let yourself be misled; I might look so nice and well-behaved; with such a look. I wasn’t that nice! You just couldn’t imagine it well, if you were born in such a conservative and religious country, you were a devil on the top! And to be aware of this, it is a masterwork, I’d say.
It was my first riots in the time of my teens which mixed up all the rules in our whole families’ upbringing. My lovely mother was a free-minded one, and as she every time began to convince me to cut my hair, my arguments were stronger and she accepted and respected. She always said at the end; I cannot argue against that.

I have begun my riot when I was a child, and in our short-time TV programs, (in the early ’60s and all american products, of course ) in which run among others there were Disney productions, and also a dancing show with children in my age; girls and boys together. There came my first critical view; why they are dancing together so freely and happily but we have not even joint schools; they are all separated ?! It was not because of the rules of Islam as it is now, it was of traditions, and I was against the traditions. From that time I felt very strongly drawn to the western way of life. I let my hair grow longer, I found out that I could play the drums well and got into the music scene, and there it’s; Sex, Drugs and Rock&Role.

In the beginning, there is always a beginning; we were a trilogy like every rebellion; Al, I and a friend Mohsen. We had much good time together with listening to the music; from 50’s as the Italia rules the top, into the sixties as the Beatles came out. And as Al and I have such a relationship through our uncle with a privet club; we could get there and look at the beautiful girls and also throw some coins in the box to watch videos. That was a premiere; You know; music videos which were at their beginning: There were two in the offer: San Francisco; (if you going to… you know?) and Night in white satin by Moody Blues; and it was such an experience;

There I have look at these band, these musicians, and think; why shouldn’t I? But it is always easier said than done. Life is not so easy, why, I don’t know, sometimes I think that it really happened; the sin of Adam and Eve, what We must give! There I have decided to swim against the stream; oh how could it be so easier, but it is written, and it shall be done!

to be continued πŸ™πŸ’–

11 thoughts on “Fifty+ Years Loneliness V (P.1)

  1. Growing up watching TV, the differences between Persian and American way of life as a teenager must’ve been huge. Ha-Ha! I can only imagine the exploits you, Al and Mohsen had back then … you sound like The Three Musketeers! “All for one and one for all!” was their motto.

    Oh, “Nights in White Satin” takes me back to my early disco days and how they would often play this song as the very last track of the night … for the slow dance, you know the one! That’s a great photo of you looking like a teenage rebel without a cause! Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • First, I am indeed obliged for your “coming out of…” It made my whole coming week. And I knew that the song; Night in white satin, would take you where I wished to be, and that makes the difference which I am trying to express. You are my all and one. kiss you and yours πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

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    • Oh, thank you my dearest Lara, I had no choice those days, the only programs which were running only for 3 or 4 hours were the American products πŸ˜„ and I think it was OK, anyhow they opened my eyes πŸ™‚you are cute too πŸ€—β€πŸ™

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  2. Elaine Mansfield

    I loved my hippie years. The late 1960s in San Francisco? Heavenly, freeing, protesting war, full of hope for a better world. We have so much unfinished work to do in this world.

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