What’s this Thing; called Love?

God is the only one who can meet your love need.
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Yes, I want to dare! I know that it is a million-dollar question of all times but I think that I have an answer, got in my mind.

Love You Neon Poster

Let’s begin with this and its meaning; Love You! What would we mean to say these words? You have surely said it at least once in your life, don’t you? There might be some who deny it as I do believe I haven’t told this till I became convinced what it really meant; to me and the one whom it’s been meant. Al, my brother (sorry that I can’t write or think anything without thinking of him as he’s always by my sides.) He called me Data, in the memory of the robot; Data, in the TV series; Star-trek, Next Generation. Because he was a key for mankind to be able to control its feelings, though, he wished to be or at least can feel the human’s soul, he was the coolest creature in this series. You know, Al was an artist and totally sensitive as any genius artist is, therefore, he stunned about my coolness through my behaviour towards others. I am sure he liked my reactions, he was aware of his high sense of feelings and he had missed this coolness, he was very happy to have a couple to put this in when it’s needed.

Here he, on the left, trying his best to be cool

I must confess that it wasn’t so easy to be so cool, but I had to find the missing points in our way to handle with the outer world, society. It could actually be named love, don’t you think so? I have offered and sacrificed all my wishes to my brother, my love.

So but to see it essentially we must go back to the ancient thoughts; Greece. In history, if we begin with Greece, in a philosophical way, The Greeks had a third word for love: agape (ἀγάπη) unconditional love, charity. This can be best translated as a charitable love. … Having these three words to hand – eros (Body’s Lust), philia (a brotherly familiar love?) and agape (the charity)– powerfully extends our sense of what love really is. The Ancient Greeks were wise in dividing the blinding monolith of love into its constituent parts.
Here are the seven kinds of love according to the ancient Greeks.
Eros: Love of the body. Eros was the Greek God of love and sexual desire. …
Philia: Love of the mind. …
Ludus: Playful love. …
Pragma: Longstanding love. …
Agape: Love of the soul. …
Philautia: Love of the self. …
Storge: Love of the child.
there’s a famous theory about why did Zeus split humans in half? how isn’t surely important! But it is an idea which can be thinkable; you are all in the search of our lost couple, trying to find someone whose smell, face, or even the voice remember you of some trusted lost one.

I myself, after so many searches on Love, finally came to this that Love means passion, forgiveness, wishing well; the all best one can do for one’s loving, not owning or occupying, just giving and enjoy the other’s happiness. Al would surely drop between and say; logical till to the end! It might be so, why not? Why we won’t consider love logically? I am sure that is possible; You love somebody it’s okay but what you want to earn by that, is it a negotiation for us or it is something else? To put it bluntly, I have a feeling sometimes that the peoples don’t love but to try to sell and earn something; negotiations!!

Just be honest, don’t you expect your lover gives you back what you give in? that is in my opinion Negotiations! And I have found out the Love is; not negotiations but just give without expectations… and send your love in her/his own way for fortune. Let’s Love wins 😊💖💖🙏

Na, what do you mean, if we just love, only love and nothing else, just love the happiness which we see in the expression of the one we love.

2 thoughts on “What’s this Thing; called Love?

  1. A beautiful, reflective post on the different kinds of love. Thank you for sharing your many thoughts on this topic Aladdin! Having experienced many different kinds of love in life, I agree with the ancient Greeks and their many classifications.

    I do wonder what kind of love exists between a therapist and a client? Unconditional, accepting, non-judgmental. Ultimately one that is based in love and not fear. Lots to ponder on there! Have a lovely weekend my friend. Blessings always, Deborah

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    • Of course, I think sometimes I am writing just for you? might better say; just to see what my love would say. 😉😊
      Anyhow, I think it is hard work to find out the real feeling. Thank you always for your companion and being by me 🙏💖
      PS; The love between the therapist and the client I would say the Trust. 😘😘😘

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