No time to be retired!

Mila, Opa

I have never thought that as a retired man being so busy as I haven’t been before. That is and means being a grandpa!

Oh yes; excitement is the order of these days, the first; queen Mila is on our board; with grandma & pa because the second one; the king (or the Lord on the side of the queen, the name has not been chosen yet) is on the way to step (or shout out) on this earth.

so then it’s announced many sleepless nights and heart-beats, till all gonna be well. we can just hope.

PS: Since last Saturday, I am writing (trying 😛) to finish these some words but I have a feeling that I’m getting old(er)! today I (thought) I have an appointment with my gum surgery to finish my implant but it came out that I have messed up the day and the appointment was yesterday 😮😩

I was shocked when I found it out and now try not to become depressed.

Anyway, I try to give my best. Have a good rest of the week and stay safe dear friends🙏💖✌

7 thoughts on “No time to be retired!

  1. Oh Aladin, it’s wonderful to see your beautiful gran-daughter Mia! There’s so much love in both of your eyes. I’m pleased to hear that you’re enjoying your retirement … many people say, they’re busier now than when they were working. Enjoy this wonderful time and huge congratulations of the forthcoming arrival of another beloved grandchild!

    I hope you can reschedule your dentist, I guess with the lock-down it’s easy to lose track of the days … which is why I titled my last poem, “Is it Monday?” because honestly, I have no idea what day of the week it is! Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • Heartfelt thanks lovely one, truly thank goodness for having such a wonderful granddaughter though, it is demanding to handle with 😅 but I am very happy and oh yes; as I forget quietly which day of the week it is, I try to put the Mondays beside unconsciously 😉 Thank you again, dearest Deborah. You are always in my mind, Hugs 🥰🙏💖

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