Fifty + Years Loneliness (1)

He had always won though rather mentally and not physically!
(in the background; cousin, and mother wash the dishes).

Yes, I dare! You, I mean some of you my friends here, who intensive were interested in me as an individual person, were much interested in my life story somehow, but to put it bluntly, as I am, somewhat, a humble person, it was very difficult for me to write about it, though, I have a memorial note with the same title on work.

But, what else!, I thought I begin here with you all (who interested of course) to tell my story;

A big head but remains raw for too long!

I have begun the story with the picture of me and my brother Al, no chance without him. He is a part or better to say; a huge part of my life… no doubt.

Okay, let’s begin with a daisy lazy vision in front of my tired old eyes and dig into my memory; I can see into a foggy scene a large yard and a big house in there we’re both born or may re-born.

I see at first, a gate for driving in and a veranda for parking lot and after you walked into the yard and passed a pool which rests between two big rose garden with some trees of peach and apples, you’d reach the main door to enter into the house.

I regret not to have a pic of my birthplace, I had it surely but it’s out of hand!

It sounds all big and great, of course, it was because of my father’s lucky goal after his success in publishing a book in which he had not only made a difference between Persians and Arabs way in their religion but also he put an old costume called Sufi’s with his translation or better to say a gathering of the quotes by the first Imam in Shiites; Ali. It was more a sanctify about Ali as an Imam, he made him as a legendary.

Therefore, he became famous in a night (I think it is a wish of every writer) though I am sure that he was not even religious; he was all in his life against mullahs and their teachings in the Mosque, he was never welcome there! that was his chance to hit the goal and did it.

Therefore, we were born in a big house with a big garden a great yard and rich building without any religious influences.

It is not easy to be born in a family with so many sensibilities, as an artist can have, I tell you, the children take it most!

I must end this part and look for the next, hopefully you too 😊 Be safe and have a nice WE🙏💖🙏

12 thoughts on “Fifty + Years Loneliness (1)

  1. It was wonderful to read more about your early life Alaedin and to see photographs of you, Al and your father. The black and white photo of the three of you must be treasured by you.
    Then onto your house and I was picturing a large gate, those rose gardens and fruit trees. Hmm, writing has played such a huge part of your family’s life hasn’t it! I hope you’re keeping safe and well in these strange and confusing times. Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • Wow, another kick of full energy in my veins. Thank you, my trustful friend and teacher. I try to give my best though, the writing was by my father and Al in the right hands 😊 I hope I have the chance to continue this. please take care and wish you stay safe… for me too 🙏💖💖🙏😘💖🙏

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      • Yes. I have severe agoraphobia (an anxiety disorder that causes me to be afraid to be away from home). On a really bad day, I can’t even go to my mailbox. About 6 months ago, I found a therapist who is able to work via video conference. Now, with the virus, more doctors and other services are trying to use video appointments. Hopefully that will continue. One very small “silver lining” that might result from the sickness. Hugs.

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      • Sorry dear Teagan, I was stupidly wrong! I thought you might have an interview about your wonderful books, my false 😏 I knew about your agoraphobia when you wanted to move to your new home. I’m thinking of you and hope that you will get over it. Stay safe dearest, Hugs 😘😘❤🙏

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  2. Janie.M.Mayer

    Dear Alaedin thank you for sharing precious memories, that i imagine have shaped your life path & achievements. Life works through us & on through future generations on it way to where…..we will find out….. Thank you for gifting us with you.
    Take care and be well

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