the eternal struggle for freedom

TOPSHOT – An Iranian woman raises her fist amid the smoke of tear gas at the University of Tehran during a protest driven by anger over economic problems, in the capital Tehran on December 30, 2017. Students protested in a third day of demonstrations sparked by anger over Iran’s economic problems, videos on social media showed, but were outnumbered by counter-demonstrators. / AFP PHOTO / STR (Photo credit should read STR/AFP/Getty Images)

My dear friends, as I use and abuse 😉 my free time on Saturdays, trying to do my lovely work; writing, to tell you the story of a permanent fight for freedom which has been going on in certain countries since eternal date.

Actually a wonderful genius friend of mine (as I’m proud to mention it) yassy brought me to this idea, or better to say she had thrown me in my past when I was in Iran and working as Journalist and an actor in theaters.

That is the question; where are the flowers gone?

It is surely not a usual knowing in the western countries in which, the human rights have been “at least” written and mentioned in their constitution, having any full comprehensive idea about what really happened to the people in the countries with a dictatorship regimes, and especially the thinker ones, the chosen ones?!

I can still remember about the Shah’s regime how my father was under observation because of his favour for Mosaddegh (the Prime minster in the ’50s who stood against the young Shah’s favorite’s position.

And also about the so-called Tehran Spring in 1979 during the revolution. In that time my brother and me, we were working with the newspapers, he was writing and I was photographing.

It was a wonderful time in my life, you might not believe it; full of enthusiasm and excitement and creations.

In this time, thanks to the (at least) short time of freedom, we have known many artists in different categories, like movies. One of them was Costa Gavras,

A wonderful director and a great creator, and when we have watched his works, we have just thought; look! the bloody regime showed already the situation on our streets in a movie. It’s because, the Gavras’s movies based on the countries which were under pressure, as we felt in Iran exactly the same. But they never understood this and we have enjoyed it at least in the way of having sympathy.

Here I’d like to share with you my friends, two of his masterworks, of course with the music work of another master; Mikis Theodorakis which goes under the skin I bet!

The first one which we had seen in the movie was the film; Z and it describes exactly the situation in Iran on the very same date. We were the freedom seekers and the opposites were the regime’s hiring legionnaires.

I tell you; it will never be the same when, you have once experienced it.

now let’s enjoy the scene of the Master-works.

The interesting issue in the both movies Yves Montand plays the first role, once as a good man and the next as a bad man 😉

at least but not last; there are always a sad final for the all stories. ❤ ❤

Quote; The regimes come and go, but the police stays for ever…

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