Erman Essen: “66 Daily Sophia Lessons”


It is a true word by Dr Jung which we know it through history and unfortunately, nowadays it gets stronger and popular between the public to how easily open the mouth and show off the opinion basic on unknowing, but man must tell something, otherwise, the others think one knows nothing!

Here I share a wonderful post by Searching The Meaning Of Life! (STMOL) with many wise words as I know him as a Wiseman 🙂 with many Thanks ❤

By SearchingTheMeaningOfLife

The German writer of the “Steppe Wolf” delivers life lessons …

 “Every man’s life is a way to himself, the model of a road, the draft of a path. No man has come to be completely himself, however, everyone aspires to succeed, others to the blind, others to more light, everyone as he can “

One forgets to judge and criticize others when it is full of doubts about themselves: “Making the judge alive is the perfect excuse to not analyze your own. If we observe the people who are turning here and thereby making a verdict about what they are doing well and what the others are bad about, we will find a great lack of self-criticism. They are not conscious of their actions and their reasons because they focus their attention on the lives of others.

And they behave that way because they are afraid to radiograph themselves and be disappointed. “

When we hate someone, we hate the image of something inside us: “When we think we are hurt with someone, it is because it possesses something that touches us deeply and causes us discomfort. This one becomes a mirror of something inside us and we do not want to admit it. Otherwise, it would not bother us so much. Thus, the stingy man endures the stinging of the others with more intensity than anyone, and the indiscretion is overpowered when there is indiscretion. The person we hate is our mirror and, therefore, a spiritual master we should not underestimate. “

When we are afraid of someone is why we have given him power over us. “Often others or who have an opinion about us. We ourselves are blinded by the fury to learn what they will think … “

The tender is stronger than the hard, the water stronger than the rock, the love stronger than the violence. “The power of love, like water, lies in its adaptability to the medium where it lives. If this is transposed into everyday life, the ability to love – not just another person but a design – is confronted with the difficulties to get the best out of every situation. “

Some that are perfect are perfect because they have fewer demands than themselves: “A simple yet very effective exercise: it has been a goal of improvement for each week, and in one year your quality of life will be upgraded in a way that you can not even imagine “.

The bird breaks the shell. The egg is the world. The one who wants to be born has to break a world: “The child must abandon his childhood, his innocence in this way transform into an adult. These transition rituals always lead to the elimination of his earlier ego to allow the new ego to be born. “

Sometimes enemies are more useful than friends since windless winds do not turn: “The enemy forces us to act and get out of the comfort that made us soft. It forces us to make the best, as well as our worst self. If we can see our reactions from a distance and with a little humour, in every conflict, there is a great lesson about our own and our weaknesses. “

The school does not teach the skills and abilities that are necessary for life:   “As Esse writes in his tale” Under the Wheel “:” The school teacher prefers to have a few strands in his class rather than a single genius student. And deep down he is right because it is not his duty to form extremely brains but good philologists, mathematicians, and useful people. “

Again and again, one is thrown into the things he has loved and he thinks it is a faith while it is just laziness: “Children scare the dark because they think that there is a monster hidden among the shadows, something unknown that can attack them. In the same way, adults frighten the unknown because it involves change, risk, uncertainty. We are afraid of the new one because if we fail we know that we will hear the phrase: “I told you”.

Without personality there is no love, there is no real love deeply: “Many people are trying to show something they are not, either because they think that this is what others want or why they do not like what they are like. They are dependent on the opinion of others and desperately need their approval. However, true love is not born out of deprivation by waiting for the other to fill our inner voids or to tell us what to do. We really love something only by accepting what it is. “

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