Business As Unusual!


To put it bluntly, I have some heavy projects (might be for me!?) for publishing here on my WordPress page. They are some topics from Carl Jung to translate, but as I mentioned before, I am involved in the happening in my birth country, Iran, and the uprising of young women and men.

When discussing my busy time, my friends think about work, which is normal. When everybody says: I am hard at work, they talk about their jobs. It is the standard form of life, but I do say that I am not normal! I could never ever do what I wished!!
What I desired to do was not possible, and what I’ve done most of my life was to do something unwanted. In Iran, I was a journalist, but they closed down all the free press; I tried to be an actor and almost succeeded in making a career, but I was too rogue for their rules and finally had to escape. Here in Germany, I had to begin a new life, but in this new life, our stomachs must get full too; therefore, I took the first step from zero to earn money by driving taxis. You know, I would never believe that driving a cab could ever be a desired job, and I never became a taxi driver, though I did work for thirty years! I held out for that long because I was very popular, especially with the elderly dames.

Anyway, I have done what I could, and now, as I am retired, I feel it is another beginning for me to do and, indeed, do something I desire to do (apart from a weekday in which I must drive the taxi because my pension is lower than standard!), and it is writing; reading, learning and again writing.

Now as I am trying to do it, there are such lovely Persian people, mainly on Twitter, who are very engaged in helping each other to broadcast the news and find a way, or the best way, for the future of Iran. Yesterday, we spent about four hours discussing how philosophy can help a society like Iranians improve, from Socrates to Hannah Arendt. I was amazed at how much these young people do know.

I might utter my feelings that I have no plan to get back there at any time. However, I love their fights for their rights and am stunned by how they, despite of born under a totalitarian regime, have such desires for freedom. And those living out of Iran or who were born in Europe or America speak Persian and try to help.
Honestly, when I left Iran, I felt like a beaten dog, disappointed and desperate. I did all I could for my country without any goals; therefore, I said farewell to them all. But now, I feel proud of them, these brave youths.

However, I thank all my friends in the West, USA, Europe and elsewhere for their patience with me in the cases of my absence or not being present often or for my sharing posts in the Persian language more than in English. You are all with me to carry on till this horrible Islamic regime falls off the ground.

Addendum: I’ll be in my wife’s custody for the next two weekends (actually one week, anyhow, definitely kidnapping), the Easter holidays are coming, and my wife, the teacher, is hot for the unknown again. I will try to give some signs of life! I wish you all lovely friends, a particular time till then.

The image on top: Felipe Baeza,

27 thoughts on “Business As Unusual!

  1. It’s wonderful to hear your news and how important Iran remains in both head and heart. Good luck with your big projects, especially the written parts. Ha-Ha! I did laugh at your English translation of ‘custody’ with your wife, like it’s a prison sentence! Enjoy the Easter holidays, after a month of rain and icy cold winds battering the coast here every day for the past month we’re hoping the weather will soon settle and perhaps go up a few degrees in heat. Love and light, Deborah.

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    • Okay! I might have exaggerated a bit, although woman rocks indeed! Thank you for your kind wishes; I will carry on until to catch the best result. The weather is crazy here, too; it is still cold and wet, and today, it might snow! But the hope dies last. Thank you, my dear angel, have a lovely time. 🙏😘🤗💖🕊🤗

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  2. What’s happening in Iran is horrendous Aladin. It’s hard for me, in the relatively safe environment of the UK, to imagine what the people are going through…especially the women. It’s heartbreaking.
    Enjoy your holiday, wherever your wife takes you, and good luck with your new projects 😊

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    • Your kind words warm my heart, my lovely Lin. This revolution is a women’s revolution, not only for Iran but for the whole world. It is time to tear off the patriarchy! Have a wonderful time – with love. 🤗💖🙏🌹😘🦋

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  3. Love the song!
    I think it fits todays post.
    Keep on Alaedin! What else would work in your life for you?
    Iran is always bad news when I hear about it.
    1 day a week is not so bad to give up for some $$$ that is needed.
    Wishing you all the best!

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  4. elainemansfield

    Thanks for sharing a little history and news. I’ve abandoned Twitter because of Elon Musk and the politics of my country, but I’m glad it’s serving a good purpose for Iran. You’ve done so much in this life out of necessity, and I love knowing your wife will kidnap you for a break and a breath of fresh air. I’m sure you’ll take some great photos and gather good stories. Have a safe journey.

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  5. I can feel how emotional it is for you to watch what’s happening in a country you care deeply about. The youth in Iran are incredibly brave and determined, despite the terrible risks. Enjoy your break with your wife and trust that your blog friends are supportive of whatever you need to do for yourself and for those you care about.

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  6. I hope you and your wife are having a lovely time ~ I’m sure she is a kind kidnapper 😉 But in all seriousness I am glad you are able to pursue writing now and also thank you for the work you are doing to bring attention to issues in your home country.

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    • Thank you, Christy. She is always a pleasant and intelligent kidnapper (like all the women😉) though the weather wasn’t desirable! I will write a post or two. However, I am so glad to have such supportive friends like you, lovely lady. 💖🙏

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  7. I worry for the life and safety of every woman in your country; and cannot imagine it is that much better, in many ways, for their fathers, husbands, brothers, and sons.

    And have no idea how the future can be made better. They are very brave, those who fight, knowing the power of the authorities. I don’t think I could do it.

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    • It is sad but true! I wonder how these young folk are so brave and believe in their goals. They are born during this brutal regime, but they know the meaning of freedom so well. Thank you for your kind and honest comment, dear Alicia.🙏💖


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