A word of nostalgia (ennui)


Have you ever had a day in which you have no idea? I have it today! It is like that there is all emptiness and nothing moves in the mind. It might because of sleepless nights or, better to say poorly sleep. I have this often. I sleep for about four hours but am suddenly awake, and It takes about one or two hours until I fall asleep again. And in this period, my sleep is very light and shallow.

Last night, I had the same problem and, in the early morning, in my light sleep, I had a dream, and I thought I’d just write it down.; I dreamed of a man who felt lonely because he had found himself as a stranger in this world. As I might say, he convinced that the people around him would not understand his thoughts and feelings. Of course, it has nothing to do with unfriendliness or to be unkind. He just felt not to be understood. But in social media, he was luckier. He had found some few friends who could understand him, and he was happy about it. One of them, a woman, realized him well and got aware of him. He had noticed it heartily and was much appreciated.

Juno Borrowing the Girdle of Venus, 1771, Benjamin West

Believe me, I was awake again and again but, when I slept the dream went on, as I’m watching a movie! Anyway, this Lady became a vantage point for him. She and her words worked like a basis or a platform, on which, when he felt lost, he could find back again.

Antoine COYPEL (Paris, 1661-Paris, 1722)
Man Resting in the Lap of a Woman
original COYPEL Antoine française Fonds des dessins et miniatures

They got nearer to each other, of course, visually, and they had more acknowledgement and had more connections on different media. He knew in between that she coupled with another lady, and he liked it. He knew the strength of his Anima and had some experiences with this case. In his youth, he knew a girl who had invited him to spend a night with her and her girlfriend, and he did gladly accept it. Wow, that was a night, he would say; unforgettable! And later some other more. Therefore, he was delighted to know both ladies now and was very proud of being accepted into this triangle.

Two Tahitian Women
Paul Gauguin
http://Fine Art America

Anyhow, it was a dream with a happy end, and I did share my second post! The title of this, actually, is a page that belonged to my brother, those days in the time of the revolution, in a famous magazine in Iran. I will come back to this later.

15 thoughts on “A word of nostalgia (ennui)

  1. Thank you so much Aladin for sharing your beautiful heart and dream with us. For me, no movement in the mind can often mean that there is movement in the heart … and your post today, well I can’t help but notice that it has been written with such love.

    Sleepless, but not dreamless. The way you describe the man in your dream was deeply poetic … “a man who felt lonely because he found himself as a stranger in this world” … oh, how you threw my soul up high! Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. Elaine Mansfield

    I’m having trouble posting comments on your site, but I’ll try again. (Sometimes it works and sometimes not.) Such a beautiful anima dream. So nice to have relationships with our inner figures, both female and male. Beautiful images, too. Thank you.

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    • Of course, an Anima dream. You say that, and it helps me getting deeper into my mind. Thank you again dearest Elaine, it seems that we have a little trouble to be in contact πŸ˜‰ I could read your latest comment through your picture was anonymously but I have recognised you πŸ€£πŸ™β€β€


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