Nowruz Again, but in Another Kind!


Nowruz, which falls on the spring equinox to the minute every year, a 13-day celebration of the Persian New Year, will fall this spring too. But I am convinced that it will be in some other kind.

>>In every home, the haftseen table is decorated with seven items â€“ since seven is considered a lucky number. Each item begins with the letter sin (s) in Persian, and each item is a symbol of spring and renewal.<<

Iran’s revolution enters 7th month as night rallies erupt in different cities. With all this, they celebrated the traditional Chaharshanbe Suri (the evening to the last Wednesday of the year. It is like the Easter celebration, with fire and fireworks welcoming spring, light and warmth.), which was also the other kind! In this condition, brave Iranian women and men do fight. They are even breaking their new year celebration or renouncing their traditional fiesta.

According to the latest reports, protesters in at least 282 cities throughout Iran’s 31 provinces have taken to the streets for 180 days, seeking to overthrow the mullahs’ regime. Regime security forces have killed over 750; at least 30,000 have been arrested via sources affiliated with the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK.

For me, I am finished with any patriotism or any belongings to some territories, and I have had enough of all the searching for the roots; I am sure my root comes from somewhere else. But my memories and co-human feelings push me into this legendary and, simultaneously, the suffering period for Iranian people (especially women).

So then, let’s see how they will try to make this fiesta their own fiesta, continually fighting against the most brutal regime ever exists!

I would just wish for your presence, even through your thoughts, to help them win. Here I present a video, with heartfelt thanks to Walt Disney, this Mickey Mouse’s excellent explanation of this fiesta—also, the happy spring equinox.

15 thoughts on “Nowruz Again, but in Another Kind!

  1. That was excellent Aladin, especially the Disney video which explained the festival of Nowruz so well! Thank you for introducing me to the Persian New Year. It’s heart-breaking when I hear the latest news coming out from Iran via your posts. So many young people have lost their lives, so many women murdered.

    There are similarities with the Celtic tradition here with the jumping over the fire. I think that happens at Beltane. I love this time of the year as we in the northern hemisphere enter spring and those in the south, enter autumn. Love and light, Deborah.

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  2. elainemansfield

    Prayers and justice for the people of Iran, women and men. There is so much suffering in this world and so many cultures being lost. Your piece reminds me of the struggle between young progressives and old conservatives who hold the reins of power in the US and won’t let go or share. We still have a loose rule of law, but very loose. Instead those in power hoard the wealth and jail the youth. Truly, it’s heart-breaking here, in many places, and especially in Iran. May peace prevail.

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