Berlin Berlin; In An American Tune!


This post must be called “The word of Silence” 2! But never mind; it’s all that doesn’t matter anyway!

As I made a shortcut in that post, we travelled to Berlin by train (it is much more comfortable than with the car, I think the highways in Germany are famous enough because of the traffic jam)! Although with the train we also had fifty minutes delay because the train had no desire to do its job! “The train does not want to continue!” The young voice was saying this announcement on the air, but we had enough time to get on time the next day at nine o’clock to keep our appointment on time!

We arrived late in the evening and could just eat some “WΓΌrstchen mit Kartoffelsalat.” I shaved, showered to be nice enough for the Americans the following day, and dived into the beds in the hotel.

On the next day, we got up early enough (though I was awake most of the night thinking in English to bring up and refresh the language.) then we got our breakfast. After I wore my Sunday clothes, we decided to walk toward the embassy because we couldn’t trust the punctuality of the buses and didn’t want to take any risk.

We were on time, but once we were there I couldn’t believe what I saw in front of me; it was not only me who was invited but many from worldwide, and all about the same time; there was a line of people waiting outside the door! It looked like I was in the wrong way to take this as a personal meeting; my ego deceived me, yet, I belonged to the mass!😜
I remembered a quote from Master Jung as salvation to calm my pride:

Oh yes! My ego had deceived me, as I might be the one who was in the middle of the happening. That was only a very common invitation for all the citizens and fellow citizens from all over the world to try their chance to enter the new(?) world. Anyway, we went toward the entrance, and there, a policeman told me very kindly and politely what I needed to take with me. Regina, my wife, was not allowed to come in; only the aspirants!

Of course, we’d accepted, and I kept my documents and left the rest with Regina. I went into a row and took some deep breaths to relax as I observed these different folks and the police officers, who were very friendly and easygoing. Suddenly I heard someone shout, “Hey! Take your backpack!!” I turned back and saw Regina shamingly coming up the stairs and taking the bag she had just left in the corner of the terrasse. Apparently, she was just about to take some pictures of me and had no idea how it simulates the evil intentions of terrorists! The pure heart can sometimes be problematic! After all, she took that damn bag and vanished, but now I had another heart beating: I’ve heard the police officers had a short discussion: “You must react faster when you see a bag left around. And the other one: Yes, I know! I had called out at once! My thought began to worry: What if they are talking about us right now? They might ask themselves: Wasn’t that woman with this man in the row? Therefore would they put my name on a suspicion list?!

Just needless excitements! We went in one after another and visited some counters showing papers and taking photos (separated, of course, and no family photos!) Finally, the “interview”, which took only a few minutes, was about when I left Iran and if I still had my Iranian passport? The answer to the latter was no, and I felt it was somehow important!? Last but not least, they kept my passport, and I got the instructions to be notified in about two weeks of what will ever come to me.

When I came out of the building, I felt lighter. It was like an enormous burden had been taken away from my shoulders. It has been done now; whatever will happen doesn’t mean to me anymore. Then I saw my faithful wife, sitting obediently further from the house and waiting for me. I am still alive! I told her to calm her kind heart and added that we could use the chance to enjoy this big city. Of course, we both do have not the feeling like tourists this time; however, there were two days left to look around Berlin and visit one or another exciting thing. We’ve decided first to walk back to the hotel to take some rest.


I will write about our “touristic” visits later in another post. I only will finish this one with the “unbelievable” news that I am yet not the villain that one suspected, and I am allowed to travel to the USA!
It didn’t last two weeks, even not a week; it seems that they immediately threw themselves at work and already prepared the visa for the next day because when we came back on Saturday, on Tuesday, I had the Email telling me my passport was on the way. The next day I got it, with ten years of valid visa stamped on a page! Honestly, I have no money to undertake such travels now, but ten years is a long time; let’s see what happens. In that far, I might begin to learn American English!! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

American Slang phrase English meaning
I’m game: I can join you/I will do it.
I’m down: I can join you/I will do it.
I’m in: I can join you/I will do it.
Have a blast: Having a great time.


8 thoughts on “Berlin Berlin; In An American Tune!

  1. Hard to believe this is not a slice from a novel.
    Congrats, if that still means much, and oh yeah…. hope you visit Canada some day!
    It is still a great place. Although great paces are disappearing, I have high hopes Canada will keep its place!

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    • Wow! Of course, it means a lot to me; your words sound like a beautiful, encouraging melody in my ears, dear Resa. Thank you.
      And I know what you mean about missing paces, though I hope I get to go there before it’s too late and might have the chance to meet you. πŸ€—πŸ™πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ’–

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