Mallorca, A Short Trip!


Part 1: George Sand & Chopin

Mallorca is one of the Spanish Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is known for its bathing resorts, sheltered coves, limestone mountains, and remains from Roman and Moorish times. Although, here in Germany, it has had its fame through Balermanns parties that the german young and older adults have hosted in a part of this beautiful island. Ballermann parties were the favourite funs only for drinking (Boozing), but they were finally reduced (because of exaggerations) considerably by the Spanish government. I didn’t want to travel there, but Regina, my wife, told me it’d be far away from such scenes and had nothing to worry about those parties.

Of course, I must say that we maybe could name Mallorca the seventeenth state of BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) because almost all the Spanish residents there speak German! Although it was not so pleasant for me because I would prefer, when I take a journey to spend my holidays, I like to see and experience something different, including another language. You know, it is nice to live in Germany, but I sometimes need a break!

Anyway, let me begin my travel report with a remarkable encounter with an uncommercial loving pair: George Sand and Frédéric Chopin.

Mallorca is a lovely island to view and enjoy, but for me, such discoveries of such famous artists and geniuses are consistently ranked first. And with my luck, Regina, my adorable wife, cares about it; she was the one who told me that in Palma, the capital city of Mallorca, is a Chopin museum. It wasn’t easy to find out where it was, the signage was not clear, and google guide failed to find it. But finally, we reached the house. To my surprise, it was almost empty and wasn’t that crowded when we went in. I thought, well, it’s a pity that people aren’t that interested, but it was good to look at everything in peace.

Na! I’d never reach them. 😏😂

Chopin and Sand spent almost nine years together and eventually ended their relationship. This was very unfortunate for Chopin because she protected and nursed the increasingly consumptive and irritable composer while attending to his every whim. In early 1837, Chopin fell seriously ill, and I was just stunned by how hard it could be for George Sand, as she was an artist herself and her challenge to care about her own artistic activity. However, the separation from George Sand and his ill health broke Chopin.

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin; 1 July 1804 – 8 June 1876), best known by her pen name George Sand, was a French novelist, memoirist, and journalist. One of the most popular writers in Europe in her lifetime, being more renowned than both Victor Hugo and Honoré de Balzac in England in the 1830s and 1840s, Sand is recognised as one of the most notable writers of the European Romantic era. Wikipedia

She had chosen a masculine name; she couldn’t work her arts with her female name; why? Because we men were fools and are still! We have never recognised, and still never will, what a precious worthy jewel in the form of the feminine we could have as a gift and emotional teacher, but we hide in our stupid arrogance and remain blind!

She was not only a writer but had her own newspaper and wrote literary criticism, siding with the poor and working-class and women’s rights. Victor Hugo said in his eulogy at her funeral, “the lyre was within her.”

In this country, whose law is to complete the French Revolution and begin equality of the sexes, being a part of the equality of men, a great woman was needed. It was necessary to prove that a woman could have all the manly gifts without losing any of her angelic qualities, be strong without ceasing to be tender … George Sand proved it. — Victor Hugo, Les funérailles de George Sand

In the evening, when we rested at home. I turned the TV on and suddenly saw a report of one of her masterworks; Gabriel, which is currently were, or still is, performing on the stage in Stadttheater Karlsruhe, Germany. >In George Sand’s play Gabriel (1839), the eponymous hero is a woman who has been raised and educated as a boy by “his” tutor, Father Chiavari, in seventeenth-century Italy.<

Sláva Daubnerová inszeniert “Gabriel” in Karlsruhe © Felix Grünschloß

Here are some pics from this “small in place but large in senses” museum. However, it was the lovely home of the two.

So it was a so-called high point (for me). I will share more about the landscape with other high and low points in the next post.

10 thoughts on “Mallorca, A Short Trip!

      • I can believe it so thank you for sharing, My first music teacher was what we call here in Dundee, ‘ Merried on a Pole’, meaning she was married to a Polish serviceman who came here in WW2. Anyway she introduced me to Chopin’s music and I remember she had a book, she’d brought from Poland—at that point it was really hard to get in to Poland so Polish people here could see their relatives, but it was of Chopin’s birthplace and it was beautiful.

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      • So, now I know what Dundee means! Thank you. I have heard this word all into my life, through music, movies… Although I think that the artists have a root somehow, they all belong to the world.

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  1. Wow! This is a great surprise to wake up to this morning. Where do I begin!? I am so excited about your trip to Mallorca, and visiting the house of Chopin and Sand. I very much enjoy your writing about these very great and influential artists of the 19th century. I learned a lot about them from reading. This is the perfect post to capture this high point of your journey. Thanks for sharing😀🇪🇸🇩🇪🇫🇷

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  2. elainemansfield

    What a trip! The museum sounds fantastic and the land beyond belief. I’ve never been to these Mediterranean islands, but I have spent time in Karlsruhe because one my dear friends is from there and Vic and I visited here there in the 1970s. (She and her husband live here now, so I don’t have to go so far to visit.)

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    • That’s interesting, therefore you know “a bit” German. 😉 I wish I could see this performance in there but it is also a far way drive from here. thank you, dear Elaine and blessings.🙏❤️

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