The Ego And The Cosmic Sea


To put it bluntly, I am a totally introvert! Really, I tell you; I am at home from May 1st, the time when I become retired since then I have been just one time out in the city for buying my stuff which I normally needed and never again. And I feel good!! 😉😁

Though we can’t avoid of Psychology transference and Unio Mystica, that comes actually from my birth region, means to me; a union between Ego and my soul, between Anima and Animus; and with the help of my intuition, I will get to know my collective unconscious.

Mrs. Jung: What exactly is the difference between intuition and ...
Intuition – Jungian definition
Frith Luton

I share here a post from FB page http://C.G. Jung: Healing Descent by a great Psychologist and a Jung connoisseur, and honourably a friend of mine; http://Craig Nelson 🙏💖🙏

Ego and its thinking function questioning the Cosmic Sea :
…” immortality cannot be the object of experience, hence there is no argument either for or against. But immortality as an experience of feeling is rather different. A feeling is as indisputable a reality as the existence of an idea, and can be experienced to exactly the same degree. On many occasions I have observed that the spontaneous manifestations of the Self, i.e., the appearance of certain symbols relating thereto, bring with them something of the timelessness of the unconscious which expresses itself in a feeling of eternity or immortality. Such experiences can be extraordinarily impressive… [The] paradox, however, offers the possibility of an intuitive and emotional experience, because the unity of the Self, unknowable and incomprehensible, irradiates even the sphere of our discriminating, and hence divided, consciousness, and, like all unconscious contents, does so with very powerful effects. This inner unity, or experience of unity, is expressed most forcibly by the mystics in the idea of the unio mystica , and above all in the philosophies and religions of India, in Chinese Taoism, and in the Zen Buddhism of Japan. From the point of view of psychology, the names we give to the Self are quite irrelevant, and so is the question of whether or not it is “real.” Its psychological reality is enough for all practical purposes. The intellect is incapable of knowing anything beyond that anyway, and therefore its Pilate-like questionings are devoid of meaning.”
C.G. Jung, Psychology of the Transference

Carl Jung Quotations with Images and Sources II. – Carl Jung Depth ...
http://Carl Jung Depth Psychology


4 thoughts on “The Ego And The Cosmic Sea

  1. Hi Aladin, another INFP introvert here! Interesting post, thank you for sharing. Even though things are beginning to ease in the UK lock-down, I’m happier for the moment staying inside, reading books or venturing out to sit in the garden to listen to the beautiful birdsong and admire the flowers. I hope the day finds you well. Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • oh yes, you too!? How could I already knew it 😉😊 thank you, my dear Deborah (if I’m allowed to say so 😁) your words fulfilling my heart 💖🙏🤗
      PS: one really must be happy to have a garden in reach to get there, we have it luckily too 😊

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  2. Happy “hump day” Magician. Thanks for this post.
    Back in the 1980s I was going for a psychology degree (unfortunately I “burned out” when my father died and I had to take on extra expenses). One professor taught us that “introverts” take their motivation from within. Meanwhile “extroverts” need other people that they “feed on” (so to speak). I’m an introvert too… one who was forced to come out of her shell to survive in business, but definitely an introvert. Hugs on the wing.

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    • I understand you absolutely dear Teagan, I have lost my father when I was seven years old and I think that that’s the trauma which made me totally indoor! And as you mentioned it with the “forced business” I had to work about 30 years next to the people (taxi driver) 😏😛
      I agreed with you(r doc) that introversion helps a lot to be much more creative than the other way. Thanks for sharing your sympathy and a part of sorrowful memory. Hugs 🙏💖🤗😘💖


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