Retirement – Die Rente – بازنشستگی… and what it all means?!


The Last Day… YEEEHHH… I am really amused!! 😂🤣

Yes, I am a retired pensioner person though, I’d never know what it really is! I mean; I have been feeling as an artist all through my life and I believe that an artist will never get retired, do they? why! there is always some ideas, something to create.

Of course, you might ask me that my job in the last almost 30 years could have nothing to do with the Arts and you might be right but, believe me, if you began your life with some kind of art in the society, you can’t leave it.

A nice welcome made by my adorable wife
RENTE (Retirement) that every letter is the beginning of another word.

Yes, my destiny forced me to chose a job which I wasn’t really wanting it but a must to earn mony to survive, and I made of this dry, boring and trivial work an interesting one, a loving, caring and even intellectual kind of work, though, I tell you; in this business the word intelligence is a foreign word!

Anyway, I did my best and I can proudly say that some nice old people as my regular customers, will miss me 😉

Now let me tell you what I had done, or beter to say tried to do in Iran after Khomaynie regime closed down all the newspapers, you know, in that time in Iran, after so-called; Iranian Spring; in the Spring of 1979, in which at the beginning, we could touch a hint of freedom, the Mullah’s regime closed all the real and free newspapers, I have tried my talent on the stages. and I succeeded; played as an Ape; as you can see here, and I was also a Lion, a Bear, and a soldier. I got in the world of the theatre, just to keep being creative. and of course, it was an unforgettable time in my life

for ever ape!!

There I am, an Ape with something 😉 that is my time in (not Paris) but in Tehran, when I, and some experts, discovered my talent as an actor😁🤣
Here I must add that I was lucky to get a master of make-up to do this wonderful mask on my face. And it was an act for the children which we’ve played on the stage and also on the TV show.

I myself, as always carefully saying; being an artist, or at least being surrounded by the artists all through my life, tried to give my best, and I can not imagine someone can do this without the ability of creation.

here are other roles which I took over to play;

it surely needs your imagination for seeing me as a lyon 😂
The one at the right side
The Bear!
as a soldier! the one who, I never can be

I must confess that I was actually always a musician. 😉🤗

introvert but no fear of the limelight 😉

“The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things.”

Anyway, I was never in any position to work… and work it out… and get retired! In my life the work is the art, to create; the one is there to try to make it, not perfect but better, harmonically nice and beautiful… the feeling like; now I’m done! let’s… have a look 🤔😎

but you know what I mean; if somebody has something to do with a kind of arts and creations, can never be a pensioner.., there is nothing to stop; nobody can limit or control the imaginations, they are unlimited.

I think somehow; Fact doesn’t actually exist, just let the imagination run and never stop! 😊

Image may contain: one or more people, ocean, sky, water and outdoor, possible text that says 'Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again. Joseph Campbell Y URDICTIONARY'
With a great Thank to
Laurent Tremblay

And there it is; an important question which still remains: the question of “How is it, to be Retired? Of course, it’s another story 😂😅 stay safe everyone 💖👍✌🙏💖

21 thoughts on “Retirement – Die Rente – بازنشستگی… and what it all means?!

  1. Thank you so much Alaedin for sharing your special day with us all! Aww, that’s a wonderful “retirement” sign made by your wife. Being an “artist” definitely seems to have been a very large part of who you’ve been throughout your entire life … this is plain to see and now deepening your art (however defined) I’m sure will be the very next chapter in your life.

    It’s wonderful to see your photos and the roles you’ve played. Yes, your day job may have been boring, however, I’m sure you’ll be missed greatly by many clients. Do enjoy your leisure time to indulge in your deep love of psychology, music and art. Maybe you could even look into taking a course or two in whatever takes your interest. Blessings always, Deborah.

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    • Dearest Deborah, Your words flood through my body and soul again and made me alive and aware. Today is the first day in my life in which I have no holiday or am not ill but can stay at home and just look around myself: and yet, what to do 🙃😉 I have a lot to do but this surprise is still fresh and I must begin it slowly. I am sure that it will not be boring at all I bet 😅
      Thank you so much for your kind and instructive response 🙏 I am sure that my more presence will be noticeable😅😇 have a wonderful and blessed week ahead my dear friend 😊 ❤🙏❤
      PS; I have a copy from my brother’s latest book which I would like to send it to you in the form of PDF, is it possible?

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    • Dear Susan, I have your nice comment in my Mailbox but couldn’t find it here in my page 🤔🙄maybe it is my fault to push the wrong button?😏 Anyway, I copied and paste here not to miss such a lovely comment, thank you for your lovely support 🙏❤🤗🙏❤


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