So let’s start confiding,
The secret that we’re hiding
(Beautiful Song on a meaningful Poem) 💖🙏👌

heart to heart

Artwork via Kimberly Gillian

‘Just Heart to Heart’, a second commission per my  POETRY TO SONG  product, from the talented lady of many skills, working across any number of genres, who goes by the name Geetha Prod’hom.

Sometimes, when working on a new song, the words get to speak aloud, telling me they want to be dressed in the music rather than share the stage. This was one of those. After a chat, the words and me settled on a cloak with an orchestral pattern. They’re rare things and I think that’s why I enjoyed the project like I did. Geetha certainly has a strong relationship with her words. Here’s the new song that now belongs to Geetha. I hope you enjoy.

That’s not all. When Geetha posts on her blog, you don’t just get the words, you also find she adds audio readings. I’ve chosen two examples here…

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