The Gambler|قمارباز


What a tricky creature 🤣😎👍

A Voice from Iran

An older man had a significant amount of money in his account.


The tax administration sent him a letter that he has to come over and explain the source of his income.

The older man went to the administration with his lawyer.


The older man explained how he earned his money from gambling. The employee didn’t believe him and said: “Even a gambler loses sometimes, and usually they are broke.”


The older man said: “I can prove it to you. I bet for $1000 that I can bite my left eye.”

The employee said: “That is impossible, I accept the bet.”

The older man took his artificial left eye out and put it between his teeth and asked the employee for $1000.”


The older man said: “Now I bet you for $2000 that I can bite my right eye too.”

The employee thought it would be unbearable that both his…

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