Keep The Aspidistra Flying


A good chance to read a good book 🤗🙏❤❤

House of Heart


The aspidistra is a hardy long-lived houseplant popular in the oil and gas lit Victorian era and still common in the middle class homes of George Orwell’s time. The comedienne Gracie Fields recorded a  song called “Biggest Aspidistra in the World” due to its virtual indestructibility and a nod to its ubiquity in undistinguished English homes.  Orwell uses the plant to symbolize and spoof the mediocrity of pedestrian patriotism adapting the expression “Keep the flag flying” or “up with the middle class”.

Gordon Comstock comes from a decent but impoverished background. He received an adequate education and knows the literary canon as well as all the contemporary writers most of whom he holds in disdain. Fully realizing he is a minor literary talent with one barely noticed little book of poems to his name he gives up a promising career as a copywriter to manifest his contempt for the money…

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