The Delta Pearl 29 — Search


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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Yvonne et Christine Lerolle au piano Pierre Auguste Renoir 1897 WikipediaYvonne et Christine Lerolle au piano Pierre Auguste Renoir 1897 Wikipedia

Welcome back, my chuckaboos.  I’m here with the steampunk riverboat, The Delta Pearl!   This chapter is short, but it’s completely new — it was not part of the original version.  

Even though it’s brief, I managed to use one “random reader thing.”  Deborah Zajac gave us Renoir. It just happens to show a lady with a pair of long gloves, that G. P. Cox mentioned, but I’ll save those as a “thing” for later. (Winks)

Shall we?  

All aboard!

The Delta Pearl

Chapter 29 — Search

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Dance in the City 1883 WikipediaPierre-Auguste Renoir, Dance in the City, 1883 Wikipedia

Porters and maids secretly searched every cabin on the Delta Pearl.  Deck hands riffled through each article of stowed baggage or cargo.  The crates included a valuable Renoir painting, which Randal Needleman was transporting.

Yet the Pharaoh Diamond was…

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