The king’s ring|انگشترپادشاه


A Voice from Iran

This story was written hundreds of years ago by “Saadi Shirazi” The Iranian poet. It relates to these days, so I chose to translate it for my dear friends.

This is a photo of Saadi’s monument in the city of Shiraz.


There was a green and beautiful kingdom.


The king had a unique ring with a precious Gem on it. This valuable Gem shined even at night, and the jewelers couldn’t put a price on it.


Years passed, and the farms went dry. Drought took over the kingdom. People stayed hungry and everyone was suffering.


The king asked his wise men to sell his Gem and pay every single resident to be able to survive for a while.


The king’s minister scolded him, telling him he made a mistake to sell such a precious Gem, as he would never find one like it.

The king started to cry and said:…

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