A huge lonesome 🙄😏
When for two, don’t forget the mouth protection 😉😁

George Blamey-Steeden


‘Things to do when in lockdown’

It’s become a challenge now. I’m 10 days in to my lockdown and so far I’ve not stepped outside the house at all. Not even once. Not even to clean the seagull shit off my car. I’ve seen it from the window. It’s not a denim blue car anymore. I don’t fancy cleaning it just yet.

It’s still vitamin D tab day every day. At least the tabs – unlike the sun  – are ready and waiting for me at breakfast time.

I’ve been wondering what the world record for self-isolation lockdown is? Google doesn’t know. It’ll be sad if I break the record without knowing I’d done it. Nothing comes easy.

So, no outside photos to take. Instead some pictures of pictures hanging on the walls. The same walls that have me in lockdown.


‘Lockdown boredom’


‘The lockdown girl from The Pigeons…

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