I’m Still Standing (Yeah Yeah Yeah)


Keep calm and go to the toilet; NO PAPER!!! 😨🤑
Scotty, beam me UP 👆🤗😎


     Oooooh, my little pathogen,
my pathogen!
Don’t be givin’ me germs, #Corona
Ooh, you make me petrified,
me petrified!
Got it coming off o’ the flight from #China
My, my, my,
aye-aye, whoa!
M-m-m-my #coronavirus

Did you sing it to “My Sharona” by The Knack?
The original lyrics are actually scarier/creepier…
Pandemic, more like Pant-demic, am I right?

I thought we all deserved a break from the propaganda of pandemic shopping (what’s with the obsession with toilet paper? Will t.p. be our future currency? Will people years from now be telling their grandchildren, “I was there for the T.P. Wars of 2020, it was ugly, a real sh*tshow!”. Do people not understand COVID-19 is a respiratory virus, this is not the Crappocalypse…Every time someone says toilet paper I think of “Seinfeld”, “No, I don’t have a square to spare. I can’t spare a square.”  Really folks…

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2 thoughts on “I’m Still Standing (Yeah Yeah Yeah)

  1. I keep thinking toilet paper will be our future currency and we’ll all talk about the “Great T.P. War of 2020”! lol 😉
    But seriously, thank you, not just for the lovely reblog but for all you do, tirelessly for bloggers and readers, you connect us and fill our lives with each other making them better each day.
    Thank you kindly and I hope you and yours are staying well and happy (all things considered).
    Big mega huge non-contagious hugs my friend xoxoxox

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