Happy? new Year! سال نو پیروز

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First I must say; Yes, I am at home! Because I have not a full-time job anymore but am a short-time worker. 😁

The reason why is that everything is in a still-stand or interruption modus as you’ve surely known it.

Anyway, today at nine o’clock the Spring has begun and in old Persian, it was and still is, the beginning of a new year, but I have put a question mark after the word “happy” that I think it might be really under a question while in these days it is hard to be.

Nevertheless, I gave the title also the Persian words; (translated) “New Year be Succeed” that is much fitter than” be happy” and could be a wish for the new one.

Then let me say;

Happy New Year to all #Persian allover Earth. Though it’d not be so happy as it’d be! somebody might say last years; what could be worse than this?! Now we see it can be worse!!
But anyhow, stay strong and together (with distance😁 ) as we know; this too shall pass 😏Hoping for a better year 💖🙏

سال نو مبارک به همه #پارسیان روی کره زمین. گرچه آنقدر مبارک نمیتواند بود! ممکن است کسی سالهای گذشته بگفت؛ چی ممکنه بدتر از این پیش بیاد! حالا می بینیم که می تواند بدتر شود !!
اما به هر حال ، قوی و در کنار هم باشید (با فاصله 😁). همانطور که می دانیم این نیز بگذرد 😏به امید سالی بهتر

Take care and be safe everybody 💖💖🙏✌💖

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