The Life is hard!


I think that is, in any case all things are upside down!

My appointment for the US Visa application has been cancelled, what else? Every meeting in the US embassy has been cancelled; the doors for the European people are closed.

I am already in a city in the northern Germany (Bremen) to visit some friends may forget the chaotic situation and have some fun.

I wish you all dear friends a good health and care of yourself. Just be safe and… Cary on πŸ€—πŸ™β€β€

8 thoughts on “The Life is hard!

  1. Delays and disruptions are now widespread during these dark, uncertain times. I’m sorry to hear that your US visa application has been one of those casualties Alaedin. How frustrating and upsetting for you and your family!

    The word on the street is that the Coronavirus will peak across Europe by the middle of June so hopefully by the Summer Solstice, life will start getting back to normal for everyone … whatever that means these days!

    Best thing to do is try to keep calm and stay safe. Keep washing those hands! Perhaps it’s time to read that long book you’ve been putting off for many years or perhaps time to write more. Blessings always, Deborah

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    • Wonderful advice, thank you my dear friend πŸ™ though, I must still work all through the weeks but keep your words which always are welcome, in my ears πŸ€— thank you again and wish you all the best from deep of my heart ❀❀

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  2. Hope things get better for you and everyone… we have just passed 50 people with codvid 19 and the government has already taken measures, such as other countries. It is scary, to say the least. Stay strong, World 🌎. Sending love ❀️ 😘

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